Featured EBook and Author : The Last Ark by Ben Portus.

Ebook : The Last Ark

Genre :Young Adult action adventure story.

Author : Ben Portus

Author profile website: http://www.benportus.com


Multiple reviews: 5stars and 4.5 stars

SYNOPSIS: Kidnap. Betrayal. A secret past and a lethal virus. Who do you trust when everything you know is a lie ... and the entire planet's at stake? Sammy Twice is a normal kid - that's what adults always tell him. Until his mum gets abducted in the dead of night. Then everything changes forever. Because Sammy has a hidden past. His home, his parents, even the person he is ... they're all a lie. And who is The Professor? Why is he stealing animals? What is The Ark? Sammy needs to find out fast. The countdown has already started. The flood is coming, and it will destroy everything on Earth.

"The gap between his feet and the fence around the lion enclosure was at least a metre wide. The drop was the height of five men. In the darkness, curving rolls of barbed wire shimmered along the top of the fence, each razor prong waiting to snag and incise. Sammy took a deep breath. He lifted his chin. Rain poured over his face, running into his eyes, blurring his vision. He blinked. Lightning split the sky ahead. The air fizzed and a billion drops were frozen like diamonds in the wintry sky. In the distance a sudden macabre silhouette: his mother, clinging crucifix-like to the wire, three lions reaching up with great sharp claws to drag her down.
Darkness. The thunder cracked like an explosion. He jumped."


By Shed
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase 4*
This is a great book with an inspirational young hero who defies the odds to do what is right in a variety of well executed scenarios. A book I would recommend not only to young adults but to anyone wanting a fast paced modern adventure punctuated throughout with intriguing and interesting veterinary facts. I agree with the above reviewer and will definitely be keeping my eye out for a sequel.

Highly recommended
8 May 2012
By Capt Jim Ltd

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase 5*
The Last Ark is a brilliant read. I simply couldn't put it down. An action packed adventure with a twist in the tail that made me gasp aloud. Ideal for teenagers from 9 to 90! Can't wait for the next Sammy Twice adventure - this story begs a sequel.
Format:Kindle Edition 5*
Couldn't put this book down. From the first page there's drama and you are always wondering what's going to happen next. I loved all the animals and there are some really funny moments, but then it becomes quite sinister and towards the end the tension really builds. It's clever the way the beginning of the book links in with the ending and it left me wanting more. Highly recommended read.


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