Thursday, June 7, 2012

Featured Ebook : 12 Precious Anecdotes from Life by Payal Roy


Genre : Fiction with a touch of adventure, drama, inspiration and supernatural element.
Author : Payal Roy
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A few book Pointers: Please have a look at these pointers, if they interest you...

-- Do you cherish chocolates?Why?
-- Why was Anita intrigued when she met John? Did John survive his adversity?
-- Was Amy ultimately able to forgive herself for what she did, or did she lose everything that defined her?
-- Did Anita really see the sinister shadow of her uncle? What happened that fateful Friday?
-- Why did Anita look forward to visit her grandmother?
-- Anita felt her heart skip a beat at the imminent and a bitter fight about to take place.What did she witness?
-- What power propelled Shaun to go after Tanya? Would anyone believe them?
-- Why was Anita so worried about Maureen, did Maureen survive the impending crisis testing her?

SYNOPSIS: This summer, have a look at this novella- 12 short stories that set the ball of fate rolling on the court of life. Take a journey into the fascinating and intriguing world of  Samantha, John, Amy, uncle Ben and Shaun amongst a dozen other faces who share their anecdotes through this book. What do they have in common? Successful and interesting people from a diverse background, their paths cross with Anita Maher. This sets off a cascade of events that compels everyone to look back at their own lives. How is Anita affected? Other people too seem to bump into Anita all of a sudden when she least expects them . Why? Does life want to convey a message to all?

12 heartfelt anecdotes from their lives kept a secret all this while, only to be revealed to Anita, when time seems limited and many ventures still left unexplored. Does life give a second chance? Find out in this book which shares their exploits and adventures through their intriguing and engaging stories.

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