Featured EBook and Author: Augur of Armageddon by Spyder Collins

Featured Ebook: Augur of Armageddon
Author Spyder Collins, Author Profile  http://www.razorthinstudios.com/spyder-collins.html
Genre : Horror
Ebook link: http://www.amazon.com/Augur-Armageddon-Spyder-Collins/dp/146997679X/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1336838529&sr=8-6

ISBN-13: 978-1469976792 and ISBN-10: 146997679X both digital and print


Kindra is a young woman who was realizing her dreams, she had purchased her first home and had solidified herself as a elementary school teacher. She lived in a modest two bedroom home not far from her place of employment in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. She was not particularly religious, though she did believe in God but what little Faith she did have would be shaken to its core in the events that were about to unfold.

The End of Days is a story retold for generations. No one really knows how the events will unfold do they? Certainly, you can rest your beliefs on the Bible or that of the scientific minds, neither of which can be definitive until the events of the Apocalypse unfold.

Kindra’s version of the End of Days lends itself to the coming of Christ and the events that may unfold after his ultimate departure. The thousand years of peace or is there something more sinister brewing? Only one
person can know these events for sure, Kindra. The events of the End of Days revolve around the ‘chosen’ elementary school teacher from Colorado.

“I woke the next morning near dawn. It was normally my favorite time of the day, just before the sun pushed the blanket of darkness over the horizon. It was the quietest time; the air was always crisp. My dad used
to say that it was best to be the first to breathe the morning air. I was a firm believer. Every morning I sat in my robe on my porch with a cup of coffee. I loved Colorado and all it had to offer.

Now it was the dawning of the hideous visions that the light revealed morning after morning. The night, as cold and lonely as it was, hid many of the undesirable sights that the modest light of day exhibited. The
sights of the dead forever etched my memory. The daylight, although bleak, brought those sights to mind. I stepped out into the park; I don’t remember why. I’d have rather curled up in my space and never emerged

Face her fears:

The demons stood in a pack near the entrance of the community. A growl strewed through them like a rumor in a schoolhouse of young girls. The clamor was frightening, their numbers intimidating. The reality of the
numbers struck a fear in me that I would have to face or die. I lay waiting for my moment to strike down the demon invaders. If my flesh could crawl, it would have fled without me long ago.

Test her faith:

“There I stood, Father, weapon in hand, facing down the angels of Hades. Where was God, then? Certainly not with me that day, certainly not there to care for His child who worshipped him so dearly.”

Kindra stood in front of Father Bailey, her eyes ablaze. He sat quietly, shocked by her outburst. Kindra smiled a guileful grin.

“Where was God? Indeed.”

Live it all through the eyes of Kindra and come to understand the ultimate fate of mankind in Augur of Armageddon.


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