Author's Corner - Book Submission Criteria

** Submissions Closed  **

Submission guidelines -

A warm welcome to authors, publishers and readers! Literary Flairs extends sincere support to the creative community of authors in their quest for successful brand promotional ventures across a multitude of social media platforms. It is our special privilege to be of value for all authors and publishers who wish to showcase their brand and creativity. Literary Flairs sincerely looks forward to hosting and promoting books and author/publisher's brand across several social media channels.

A snapshot of Literary Flairs promotional ventures for authors and publishers:

-- Multiple Social Media channels.

-- Literary Flair's Facebook page and a growing audience.

-- Author and book spotlights shared in multiple reading groups and online book forums.

The book spotlights are cross promoted multiple times.

These sincere promotional activities have one big aim -- to increase audience exposure to your books and author brand.

Send the required information and your queries to Literary Flairs email : with subject line : "Request for Book/Author Spotlight" to create and promote a captivating spotlight for your brand and book.

Literary Flairs requires the following information from authors in an MS Word doc. file for the spotlights:

--Name of your Ebook/Book and book genres

-- Attach : A JPEG/JPG Cover image of your Book : size 300x500

--A captivating synopsis of your book

--Online link to the bookstores where your book is available in digital and print formats.

--An excerpt of your book's chapter - Limit 700 words. {Note : Please note - book excerpts that carry objectionable or insulting or derogatory words / comments to any race, culture or individual will not be posted }.

--Links to your book reviews and ratings for your book.

--Any "tags/labels" that you want to include in your featured book post.

-- Links to your author profile, twitter handle, Facebook pages, Goodreads pages.

--Attach your Author photo ( 300x500 JPEG)

-- Author Bio and author webpage.

-- Achievements/Awards if any with links to such sites.

-- Any trivia/interesting information about the book(s) you are featuring in the post along with your author bio.You can also include any upcoming or ongoing special offers for your book.

If  you like these ideas (mentioned above), then lets work together to highlight your creative works in front of a growing sea of readers out there, and give them a good and entertaining read !

Submissions from authors are accepted in the following book genres in this blog : (Except books with controversial topics or pro-anti religious beliefs)

Romance, Historical Romance (No Erotica)
Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction
Children's Books
Thrillers, Mysteries
Educational and Study Books
Science Fiction, Literary Fiction
Inspirational and Motivational
Short Stories
Fantasy, Historical Fantasy
Young Adult, Coming of Age
Poetry (without controversial, religion based - pro or anti)
Non Fiction (without politics and controversy)
Comedy, Memoirs and Biography
Vampire/Werewolves (No Erotica)
Horror (no graphic descriptions)

Submissions are not accepted in the following book genres :

Non-fiction on politics and other controversial topics
Excessive violence (Abuse/Domestic violence/too much gore) and explicit novels
Political fiction 
Religion based fiction or beliefs (pro-anti)
New Age

Literary Flairs will not accept book details (including excerpts) and cover images (including Erotica) portrayed on a book cover, graphic novel or any other book that has controversy in it, is controversial, insulting, abusive or acts as a hate message to any individual, culture or race of people.

Literary Flairs is here to promote and assist all authors and publishers in their ongoing promotional efforts to make their valuable creative works reach prospective readers across the globe.

If you have any queries about the book genres featured, please feel free to email - Literary Flairs at Thank you for your visit! 


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