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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spotlight : The Plot to Save Socrates ( Sierra Waters Book 1) by multi award winning author Paul Levinson

A big hello and welcome to all readers! Today Literary Flairs is immensely excited to feature Dr. Paul Levinson, who is a multi award winning author of popular science fiction and non fiction novels and a well known reviewer in addition to being a renowned Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University in NYC. Dr. Levinson's acclaimed novel titled The Plot to Save Socrates is the first of a trilogy (a gripping time travel and historical fiction genre) of the mysterious and action packed Sierra Waters series. We'll learn more about Dr. Levinson and his multiple accomplishments in the fascinating world of storytelling and creative writing in today's special spotlight.

Connect with author Paul Levinson

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About the author : Paul Levinson, PhD, is Professor of Communication & Media Studies at Fordham University in NYC.  His science fiction novels include The Silk Code (winner of Locus Award for Best First Science Fiction Novel of 1999), Borrowed Tides (2001), The Consciousness Plague (2002), The Pixel Eye (2003), The Plot To Save Socrates (2006), Unburning Alexandria (2013), and Chronica (2014)  - the last three of which are also known as the Sierra Waters trilogy, and are historical fiction as well as science fiction. 

His accomplishments : His stories and novels have been nominated for Hugo, Nebula, Sturgeon, Edgar, Prometheus, and Audie Awards. His nonfiction books, including The Soft Edge (1997), Digital McLuhan (1999), Realspace (2003), Cellphone (2004), and New New Media (2009; 2nd edition, 2012),  have been translated into twelve languages.  He appears on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News,  the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, the History Channel, NPR, and numerous TV and radio programs.  His 1972 LP, Twice Upon a Rhyme, was re-issued in 2010.  He was President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, 1998-2001.  He reviews television in his blog, and was listed in The Chronicle of Higher Education's "Top 10 Academic Twitterers" in 2009.

Watch author Levinson's engaging interview on Youtube : Behind the Plot to Save Socrates

Book Spotlight :The Plot to Save Socrates ( Sierra Waters Book 1)

Book : The Plot to Save Socrates

Author : Paul Levinson

Genre : Time Travel, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction

Available worldwide at : US Amazon, UK Amazon and all other Amazon stores 

34 reviews so far and counting at Amazon Kindle stores, mostly 5 stars, read here

Achievements : The Plot to Save Socrates on 10 Perfect Summer Reads Authored by NYU Alumni

Book Summary

In the year 2042, Sierra, a young graduate student in Classics, is shown a new dialog of Socrates, recently discovered, in which a time traveler tries to argue that Socrates might escape death by travel to the future! Thomas, the elderly scholar who has shown her the document, disappears, and Sierra immediately begins to track down the provenance of the manuscript with the help of her classical scholar boyfriend, Max. 
The trail leads her to time machines in gentlemen's clubs in London and in New York, and into the past--and to a time traveler from the future, posing as Heron of Alexandria in 150 AD. Complications, mysteries, travels, and time loops proliferate as Sierra tries to discern who is planning to save the greatest philosopher in human history. Fascinating historical characters from Alcibiades to William Henry Appleton, the great nineteenth-century American publisher, to Hypatia and Socrates himself appear.

Chapter Excerpt

[Athens, 2042 AD]

She ripped the paper in half, then ripped the halves, then ripped what was left, again, into bits and pieces of history that could have been....

Sierra Waters had read once that, years ago, it was thought that men made love for the thrill, while women made love for the sense of connection it gave them. Sierra had always done everything for the thrill. She had no sense of connection, except to her work. Which should have made her an ideal person for this job.

Still ... an ideal person would have followed the plan. It was written on the only substance which could survive decades, maybe longer, without batteries, which required only the light of the sun to be read, or the moon on a good night, or a flickering flame when there was no moon. Paper. A marvelous invention. Thin and durable. And she had just torn it into pieces, opened her palm, and given it to the wind to disperse in irreparable directions.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Spotlight : The Forbidden Path (the Spirit Path Book 3 ) by best selling author Tammy Tate

Dear friends, today Literary Flairs brings you an interesting romantic saga in the latest new release from the  famous time travel romantic Spirit Path series titled The Forbidden Path. This book is the 3rd of the Spirit Path series written by the best selling author and master storyteller Tammy Tate. We'll know more about the author and her books in today's special spotlight.

From the author's desk- The Spirit Path : A time travel, romance series about two people that risk everything to be together. A modern day girl learns to stay alive in 1812 in a hostile Indian environment. The Sioux warrior returns with her to adapt to the twentieth century with present day conveniences and laws. One thing is inevitable. Ill-tempered men are always willing to break the rules for their own personal gain. In both worlds, survival becomes the ultimate goal. Everything else becomes secondary.

Connect with author Tammy Tate

About the author : Tammy Tate was born and raised in Hollywood, Florida but has lived most of her adult life in Texas. Her passion to write began in high school. It follows her everywhere she goes...creating a world where anything is possible. She's been married to the same wonderful man for over thirty years. Her secret to a long marriage? It's easy when you marry your best friend. In her world, Friday night is still date night.

Before she became a full-time author, she was an Executive Secretary, a Computer Consultant/Technician, and a Communications Officer (Police Dispatcher). She doesn't mind a challenge which has allowed her to race a late-model in a women's powder puff race, run barrels and poles in a play-day rodeo and drive an 18-wheeler. Somewhere in between, she and her husband raised three wonderful children. When she's not breathing life into her characters or jotting down ideas for a new book, she and her husband are exploring country roads on their Honda Gold Wing.

Since she believes reading is the next best thing to writing, she enjoys romance, fantasy, science fiction and thrillers. In December of 2013, she signed her first book contract with a traditional publisher. Her books have made Amazon's Best Seller list.

Above all, she loves to hear from you…
Books Published through: Books To Go Now
The Spirit Path series:
The Spirit Path (Book one)
The Secret Path (Book two)
The Forbidden Path (Book three)

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Book Spotlight : The Forbidden Path (The Spirit Path Book 3)

Book : The Forbidden Path

Author : Tammy Tate

Genre : Time travel, Romance, Series, Fantasy, Fiction

Book Trailer : Watch youtube trailer of The Forbidden Path

Available worldwide : US Amazon Kindle, UK Amazon and all other Amazon stores 

Reviews : 5 stars, read the Amazon review here

Book Summary

After opening a doorway to 1812, Nicole fell in love with a Sioux warrior. She brought him back to the twentieth century and calls him Rave to keep his identity a secret. When they go with friends to a cabin for the weekend, they cross paths with a motorcycle gang in Kings Ridge. They conspire to hunt Rave like an animal. In order to get him to comply, they kidnap Nicole. Have they taken on more than they can handle? Nicole. The gang leader wants her. Her soul mate needs her. Which man will win?

Chapter Excerpt

She arches an eyebrow. “I’m pretty sure he won’t play your little game—”

Cody cuts her off. “You underestimate the power of love, my dear.” He points a finger with a skull and crossbones ring on it. “I have something he wants.”

The other men laugh and she gasps knowing full well he means her.

Of course! He’s using her as bait. That’s why heʼs holding her prisoner. For all she knows, Cody threatened to kill her if Rave doesn’t go along.

She lifts her chin. “You have no idea who you’re dealing with, do you?”

“Of course, I do. We’re playing a game of cowboys and Indians.”

“Do you believe in time travel?”

Cody cocks his head. “I don’t have time for this.” He heads for the door.

“You should make time.” When he doesn’t turn around, she blurts, “Rave is a Sioux warrior from 1812.”

Cody spins around with his feet splayed and his arms across his chest. “Yeah, and I’m E.T.” The room fills with laughter again and a smile plays at the corners of his mouth.

Nicole shrugs. “You can’t say I didn’t warn you.” His face turns bright red and a part of her is pleased to see that she gotten under his skin. She’ll pat herself on the back later if she makes it out alive.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Book Spotlight - Women with Wanderlust : A Guide to Roaming by author Melissa D. Jones

Dear friends, today Literary Flairs would like to spotlight an inspirational and motivational travel genre titled Women with Wanderlust : A Guide to Roaming written by the multitalented author and creative entrepreneur Melissa D. Jones.
Do you love traveling, collecting "moments" and would like to get information and tips on solo and budget traveling to various places? Then this is the book for you! The author is passionate about traveling to new destinations (she's been to 40 countries so far!) and has chronicled her adventures and true travel experiences in this very engaging book. Let us know more about Melissa and her travel book in today's special spotlight.

 Connect with author Melissa D. Jones

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About the author : Melissa D. Jones is a designer, marketer, artist, traveler, photographer, foodie and creative entrepreneur. She runs her own business, extracting inspiration and elements from around the world to help women entrepreneurs and businesses achieve brilliant design. Living for travel, adventure and new experiences she's photographed her way around 40 countries (and counting!) and wrote all her travel knowledge into a book Women with Wanderlust: A Guide to Roaming.
         Learn more about her and her work at roux roamer.

Book Spotlight : Women with Wanderlust ( A guide to Roaming)

Book : Women with Wanderlust ( A guide to Roaming)

Author : Melissa D. Jones

Genre : Non Fiction, Inspirational, Solo Travel, Budget Travel, Women's Travel

Available worldwide Amazon Kindle stores : US Amazon, UK Amazon and in all other Amazon Kindle stores.

Reviews : 15 so far, all 5 stars at Amazon Reviews

Book Summary

Feeling like you can't afford a big adventure or don't know how to plan one? Women with Wanderlust will help you feel confident that you can travel the world with ease on any budget. If you want to travel more for less, read practical tips and out of the box ideas for travel, learn the best way to maximize your free plane ticket, hear some fun stories about solo travel, traveling with a partner or friend, know what to do before you go, overcome travel myths and fears or simply read a travel book from a woman’s perspective.

Chapter Excerpt 

Once (or the thirteenth time, it's hard to remember) my husband and I were on a bus that was running really late. We had a bus to catch at the other end of the bus ride but it didn't seem like we would get there in time. We had booked the "express" bus from Laos to Cambodia. What you don't really know is what that means to them. Apparently in this instance it meant waiting at the border crossing for several hours for another late bus to take their passengers with us and also to pick up and drop off locals along the way. We tried pleading with the bus driver that we had a plane to catch but he did not seem to care. He went along with all his "scheduled" stops as if we were on time.

Once we were in the Phnom Penh, the city we were flying out from, we asked if we could get off. The bus driver said no, even though he was letting off other passengers. He would not let us get off the bus. We were growing more and more impatient that we could not exit the bus and other people could. We picked up all of our bags and waited at the front of the bus until finally he opened the doors and we hopped off. We were in the middle of a city we weren't familiar with and it was night. What did we do?

We had no idea how far the airport was from there or even what direction. We knew that a ride to the airport should have cost no more than a few dollars. We had three. We ran around the corner to the first group of scooters we could find and offered them three dollars to take us to the airport. They discussed it and at first told us no. We persisted and they agreed for the three dollars. We hopped on the back of the bike; three people, two large bags and two smaller bags. That was one time I wished I had a selfie stick. Maybe the only time I ever wished that. Ever. 

We were riding along to what we thought was the airport but we really had no idea. We trusted that we made the right move. A few minutes into the journey and the driver said, "Where are you going again?" I couldn’t believe it but I hadn’t lost hope...yet. I told him every word I could think of for airport, plane and travel. I even showed my plane wings (arms outstretched) as if he could see me behind him. He said, “Ok, ok.” Phew, I thought we’d done it.... or at least I hoped. 

We drove along for another few minutes and he said he couldn’t take us all the way to the airport because the gates were closed. Now, this is surprising, as I didn't think that we could communicate a few minutes ago. I told him to just get as close as he could. We pulled up just outside the terminal. We paid him, thanked him and ran off to the terminal.
If at some point you don’t ask yourself, ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ then you’re not doing it right. — Roland Gau
We entered the airport and it looked closed. They were sweeping, mopping and moving all the signage around. We ran up to the counter and asked if we could still make our flight. They didn't look like they understood at first but then we gave them all our info and they said that we could probably still make it. It felt like an eternity to get our boarding passes and run through security but we did indeed make our flight. 

We now have this great Amazing Race story of how we had no idea what we were doing but we figured it out. We just went on hope and intuition. Sometimes that's all you have when you don't know the language or the city.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Book Spotlight : The Witches of Panay (YA Fantasy) by author Malika Gandhi

Hello friends! Literary Flairs presents yet another interesting, highly imaginative and a magical fantasy novel with a free chapter excerpt for you to read. The book titled The Witches of Panay is an upcoming new release (slated for May end), and is also the first of its series. It is written by the very talented author and illustrator Malika Gandhi. We'll learn more about her and the book in today's special feature.


Connect with author Malika Gandhi

Connect with the author on Twitterher Facebook page, Connect with her on LinkedIn

From the author's desk : Malika Gandhi (known as Fayr Willow for her The Witches of Panay series) was born in India, Bombay, but was brought up in London. She is married with two boys, and works as an author in her spare time, whilst working full time elsewhere. Malika Gandhi has written three books to date under her own name, all have been published on Amazon.

Book Spotlight - The Witches of Panay

Book : The Witches of Panay

Author : Malika Gandhi

Genre : Young Adult Fantasy, Literary Fiction

Available worldwide at Amazon book stores : US Amazon, UK Amazon

Trivia : "I have a new release coming up at the end of May called The Witches of Panay. The genre is Fantasy. This is my first YA Fantasy book which will be a series. PS: The work magickal is intentionally spelt that way." Author Malika Gandhi

Book Summary
 I was a normal girl, went to school, stayed out of trouble, and did my homework. I hung around with my best friend, Chantelle, and worked part-time at my Mama's floristry. My life on Earth was as normal as anyone’s could be, other than my being a witch. Nothing exciting ever happened. That was, not until the day Jake arrived. Then, slowly everything changed. Now, I find myself entering Magickal realms, talking to animals, and encountering monsters that I thought were just myths. I am told I am the Chosen One. I have a job to do. I have to save the Earth.

Chapter excerpt 

The boat began to rock. Rita, Chantelle and I screamed. Shimmering pearl-like hands appeared on the sides of the boat and then heads appeared out of the water. The Merpeople were too close.
They were beautiful, as Evaliyah had said. Their faces were angelic-like and radiance glowed from their very being. I was instantly mesmerised and I felt a magnet-like tug from them for me to join them.
“Get away from here!” Evaliyah growled at them, taking a shovel he had stowed on the base of the boat. He waved it in their faces, warning them. “Get away now, you filthy murderers!”
The Mermaids squealed and dove back under the dark water from Evaliyah’s threat, whilst the Mermen remained on the surface, but moved back a couple feet. There was one that looked like a King, for he wore a crown on top of his head and held an ornate spear in one hand. He had gold and silver markings painted on his face that shone from a glowing green strobe that he and every other Mer-person was holding.
“We will do no harm to you. All we want is the girl Larissa and the Crystal. We will leave the rest of you,” said the Mer-chief.
“You can’t have her!”replied Mathalae. “She is not yours to take! Go away and leave us!”
“The girl has been called for. We have our orders to take her to our Queen,” said another Merman.
“Who is this queen you speak of?” asked Evaliyah. “What does your queen want from Larissa? She is but a normal witch and nothing else. Go and tell her, she will not have Larissa. We will not give her to you!”
“The Dark Queen will not agree,” said the Merman. “We shall take her!”
“She is your queen?” asked Jake, incredulously.
“The Dark Queen is an acquaintance to the Queen to the Merpeople, who has made a deal to deliver the girl and the Crystal to her,” said a Merman.
“No!” I shouted. “I will not go to her!”
My sudden outburst sent flames into the sky from my upturned palms. I felt the magick inside me scream, as fireballs landed on the water’s surface, but did not die out from the moisture. They instead joined together and spread fast, forming circles around the Merpeople and a barrier between us.
The Mer-Chief shouted something intangible and large water bubbles rose from the dark water. They were magickal! The bubbles quickly dispersed the enchanted fire, leaving only wisps of smoke where the fire was once.
I was shoved back into the tent covering with force when a spear shot towards me. It was blocked instantly by one of Rita’s shields, and redirected back towards the Mermaid who threw it. The Mermaid laughed, which ironically sounded like musical bells, but was deadly. The sound turned into a high-pitched wail that burrowed into my ears. I covered them with my gloves, but the sound just got louder. 
I could also hear the fight outside the tent clearly. The sound of the clapping water was tremendous as arrows and magick joined together in this small, but powerful war of Witches against Merpeople. I had to go out and help. After all, they were fighting to save me from those wretched creatures! I stood up and went to leave the tent covering, ready to use some spells I was taught by Beskine and Janet. I wouldn’t let my friends fight this alone! Chantelle and Jake had left the tent area to help too. No, I was not going to sit inside and let them sacrifice themselves for me! Putting all my energy and power into my magickal blood, I stomped outside.
“No Larissa!” Mathalae stopped me. “You must stay inside. It is you and the Crystal they want. Let us protect you. Get back inside, now!”
“But, Mathalae, I must help! I can’t just sit inside. I am not a coward!” I yelled. I pushed past him and stationed myself at the foot of the dragon’s head of the stern.
“This spell should scare them off!” I removed my gloves and focussed all of my energy. I summoned the power to push them back down in the murky depths of this black water. At first, a little glow appeared on my palm and then it disappeared.
“Larissa, look out!” shouted Jake as a net came hurtling towards me. I cascaded it away with a single thought and it fell back onto one of the Mermaids.
She shrieked something, in her native tongue and white hands appeared around her sides. They grabbed my ankles and pulled me into the water, swimming as fast as she could with me, to get me closer to the others and away from my ship.