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Book Spotlight - Women with Wanderlust : A Guide to Roaming by author Melissa D. Jones

Dear friends, today Literary Flairs would like to spotlight an inspirational and motivational travel genre titled Women with Wanderlust : A Guide to Roaming written by the multitalented author and creative entrepreneur Melissa D. Jones.
Do you love traveling, collecting "moments" and would like to get information and tips on solo and budget traveling to various places? Then this is the book for you! The author is passionate about traveling to new destinations (she's been to 40 countries so far!) and has chronicled her adventures and true travel experiences in this very engaging book. Let us know more about Melissa and her travel book in today's special spotlight.

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About the author : Melissa D. Jones is a designer, marketer, artist, traveler, photographer, foodie and creative entrepreneur. She runs her own business, extracting inspiration and elements from around the world to help women entrepreneurs and businesses achieve brilliant design. Living for travel, adventure and new experiences she's photographed her way around 40 countries (and counting!) and wrote all her travel knowledge into a book Women with Wanderlust: A Guide to Roaming.
         Learn more about her and her work at roux roamer.

Book Spotlight : Women with Wanderlust ( A guide to Roaming)

Book : Women with Wanderlust ( A guide to Roaming)

Author : Melissa D. Jones

Genre : Non Fiction, Inspirational, Solo Travel, Budget Travel, Women's Travel

Available worldwide Amazon Kindle stores : US Amazon, UK Amazon and in all other Amazon Kindle stores.

Reviews : 15 so far, all 5 stars at Amazon Reviews

Book Summary

Feeling like you can't afford a big adventure or don't know how to plan one? Women with Wanderlust will help you feel confident that you can travel the world with ease on any budget. If you want to travel more for less, read practical tips and out of the box ideas for travel, learn the best way to maximize your free plane ticket, hear some fun stories about solo travel, traveling with a partner or friend, know what to do before you go, overcome travel myths and fears or simply read a travel book from a woman’s perspective.

Chapter Excerpt 

Once (or the thirteenth time, it's hard to remember) my husband and I were on a bus that was running really late. We had a bus to catch at the other end of the bus ride but it didn't seem like we would get there in time. We had booked the "express" bus from Laos to Cambodia. What you don't really know is what that means to them. Apparently in this instance it meant waiting at the border crossing for several hours for another late bus to take their passengers with us and also to pick up and drop off locals along the way. We tried pleading with the bus driver that we had a plane to catch but he did not seem to care. He went along with all his "scheduled" stops as if we were on time.

Once we were in the Phnom Penh, the city we were flying out from, we asked if we could get off. The bus driver said no, even though he was letting off other passengers. He would not let us get off the bus. We were growing more and more impatient that we could not exit the bus and other people could. We picked up all of our bags and waited at the front of the bus until finally he opened the doors and we hopped off. We were in the middle of a city we weren't familiar with and it was night. What did we do?

We had no idea how far the airport was from there or even what direction. We knew that a ride to the airport should have cost no more than a few dollars. We had three. We ran around the corner to the first group of scooters we could find and offered them three dollars to take us to the airport. They discussed it and at first told us no. We persisted and they agreed for the three dollars. We hopped on the back of the bike; three people, two large bags and two smaller bags. That was one time I wished I had a selfie stick. Maybe the only time I ever wished that. Ever. 

We were riding along to what we thought was the airport but we really had no idea. We trusted that we made the right move. A few minutes into the journey and the driver said, "Where are you going again?" I couldn’t believe it but I hadn’t lost hope...yet. I told him every word I could think of for airport, plane and travel. I even showed my plane wings (arms outstretched) as if he could see me behind him. He said, “Ok, ok.” Phew, I thought we’d done it.... or at least I hoped. 

We drove along for another few minutes and he said he couldn’t take us all the way to the airport because the gates were closed. Now, this is surprising, as I didn't think that we could communicate a few minutes ago. I told him to just get as close as he could. We pulled up just outside the terminal. We paid him, thanked him and ran off to the terminal.
If at some point you don’t ask yourself, ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ then you’re not doing it right. — Roland Gau
We entered the airport and it looked closed. They were sweeping, mopping and moving all the signage around. We ran up to the counter and asked if we could still make our flight. They didn't look like they understood at first but then we gave them all our info and they said that we could probably still make it. It felt like an eternity to get our boarding passes and run through security but we did indeed make our flight. 

We now have this great Amazing Race story of how we had no idea what we were doing but we figured it out. We just went on hope and intuition. Sometimes that's all you have when you don't know the language or the city.

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Unknown said...

I'm always impressed with women traveling alone - especially in other countries. But as Melissa points out - it can be a very empowering experience!

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