Special Spotlight : Leashed (Book 1) a romantic thriller by award winning author Zoe Dawson

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Today blog Wonderworld spotlights an exceptional romantic thriller with loads of romance, mystery and suspense in each of its pages - a page turner - LEASHED(Going to the Dogs) by the award winning, multi published, brilliant romance author Zoe Dawson.

For those who are a fan of romantic thrillers and mystery genres you can download LEASHED for Free from Amazon during March 18 through March 22. Yes, this book's free now and you can get your free copy at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009JVSCO2

More on the book and author in this special edition- enjoy the chapter excerpt!!

Leashed (Going to the dogs)                      Author Zoe Dawson

Connect with author Zoe Dawson

Author website : http://www.zoedawson.com/
Follow the author on Twitter :  https://twitter.com/ZoeDawsonAuthor
Newsletter from the author : http://karenanders.us5.list-manage2.com 
Author Bio :  Zoe Dawson is the alter ego of Karen Anders, award winning, multi-published author. Her writing journey started with poetry and branched out into fiction. With a couple of college English courses under her belt, she penned a historical, then moved onto contemporary romance fiction.

She's launched the first book in her self-published Going to the Dogs Series.  Leashed begins the tails (pun intended) of four New York City dog professionals who meet at a dog park and become fast friends.  Out now, Groomed for Murder, Book #2

She is also publishing with Entangled Publishing and will have her debut novel out with them in 2013.  It's the first book of the six book The Misfit Squad Series of police procedurals, featuring a group of troubled homicide detectives who have landed in the "last chance" squad.  If they don't shape up, they're out.

Today, she is happy producing romantic suspense, romantic mystery, and soon paranormal and urban fantasy novels. The words feed her soul and the happily ever afters feed her heart
Book Spotlight 

Ebook : LEASHED (Going to the Dogs)

Author : Zoe Dawson

Genre : Contemporary Romance, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Reviews : multiple 4.7 - 5 stars
Amazon Stores : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009JVSCO2  (Free Download March 18 - March 22)
Synopsis : And they call it puppy love!

When Jack falls head-over-paws for cute and cuddly Jill next door -- that creamy coat, those soft brown eyes, and, yowza, those long legs, he simply cannot help himself.  Bing, bang, boom, a few weeks later, Jack has some 'splaining to do when that cute female is with puppies.  Jack's going to be a father, trouble is his lady love's owner and his owner need a little shove into love.  Being a large and in-charge Great Dane, that's no problem for Jack.  With a little cooperation and a little matchmaking, some nudging, whining and puppy dog eyes, hopefully, everyone will live happily ever after together.

Chapter Excerpt from Leashed
Book #1
Going to the Dogs
By Zoe Dawson
(All rights reserved)

Chapter One

A woman’s laughter drifted into the hall as Callie Lassiter trudged home. She glared at Owen McKay’s door as she slipped her key into the lock of her trendy Tribeca loft. Sounded like Owen was having much more fun on his date than she’d had on hers.

Yep, another dating disaster. Okay, so not as much a disaster as a ho-hum snooze fest. With an inner sigh, she reflected on this evening’s dating fiasco. He was nice. Quite nice, but he might as well have been an amoeba, because she’d felt no attraction. None. When had dating become so…rote?

Since she decided a man with an edge was not an option. Yep, she was a bad boy junkie, but often addictive things were just plain not good for you. Like chocolate. Also not good for you. Still, Callie couldn’t help but feel let down.

The laughter tinkled again, sweet and clear. Envy twisted in her stomach and pressed against her chest. She threw his door another glare. She bet the woman Owen was entertaining looked like one of those high-fashion models she usually saw hanging on his arm in the New York Scoop photos she pretended not to notice. The guy was gorgeous; of course he would only date high-quality arm candy, never a girl-next-door type like Callie.

He also had to keep up appearances. As one of Manhattan’s players, he owned FLASH, a classy nightclub that everyone in the city considered the place to see and be seen. He was often reported to be with a different woman each week. But even his stylish clothes and expensive, hip haircut couldn’t disguise his true nature. And she’d learned the hard way that untamable, audacious, and daring meant Bad Boy with capital Bs.

At least there was one male eager to see her, one she could depend on, and who was always excited to greet her as she came through the door. And this enormous boy wasn’t at all boring.

Pushing the door open, she braced herself for her exuberant but well-trained Great Dane, Jack. He was right there to greet her, as always, and Callie kissed him on the bridge of his black and white nose.

She deposited her Judith Leiber vintage clutch on the hall table and gave her full attention to Jack.

He filled the doorway with his big body. Every time they did their welcome-home ritual, she was grateful for the first skill she had taught Jack—not to jump up. With a dog this large, it would be unpleasant, and could be dangerous to small children.

“Hi there, Jack! Who’s a good boy?” Callie cooed as she stroked Jack’s head and rubbed all over his silky fur. She wouldn’t be able to get past this cheerful, affectionate two hundred pound bundle of canine energy without first paying the entry fee of a big dose of love, which she did gladly.

She was having so much fun with Jack that she barely noticed a door open down the hall, followed by a brief conversation before the door closed and footsteps retreated toward the elevator.

Grabbing Jack’s leash, she clipped it to his collar, headed back out the door, and locked it behind them. She enjoyed their walks as much as he did, and did them as often as her busy business allowed. And since she was the boss and owner of Sit Happens, an obedience and dog training business on the Lower East Side, she could build her schedule to suit her needs, and Jack’s. “I had a really disappointing date,” Callie confided as they headed down the hall.

Jack’s ears pricked and he made a comforting sound. Then, prancing with excitement, he proceeded to get tangled in his leash. As Callie bent down to unravel him, she heard a most unwelcome voice behind her.

“Your Dane is big enough to be a pinto, and he has the right two-tone coloring.”

Callie’s bad boy meter shot up into the red zone. Owen McKay would have to mock her. There he stood in all his glory, just outside his loft door, his hip cocked and his intent eyes studying her. Naturally, Owen lived in the most modern and sleek of all the lofts her brother and his outrageously creative friends had produced. As if his clothes were a natural extension of his upscale residence, he had on a black crew neck sweater and a pair of sinfully tight black leather pants, accentuating narrow hips and hard, strong-looking thighs. His come-hither eyes traveled slowly over her, and she realized that she was staring and holding her breath.

Instructing herself to snap out of it, she mentally reiterated her vow never to get involved with another man who was dangerous, unpredictable, a rebel who didn’t care whose feelings got hurt. Callie firmly reminded herself why she had stopped dating selfish and emotionally unavailable men. She was the one who usually got hurt.

She straightened and stood for a moment in silent agony. Why did she become speechless every time she saw Owen? Thank God it only happened with him, or she’d be out of business in a week!

“His markings are referred to as Harlequin.” Oh, my God! Did that nonsense come out of her mouth in that stuffy, schoolmarmish-correcting-the-student-tone? She should find a comfortable and quiet spot to bang her head repeatedly against the wall. Hard.

He smiled as if he was indulging her. “I know.”

A big, dark muzzle pushed its way out of his half-open loft door. The big body came after, the dog’s tail wagging so hard her whole body shook.

“Ah, another Dane lover.” Then he probably wasn’t all bad. Maybe.

Owen reached inside the door and grabbed a leash, then closed and locked his door. “Yes, I am. I’m Owen McKay, by the way, and this is Jill.” He clipped the leash to the fawn-colored bitch’s collar. “Time for your walk, girl.”

“No way.”

He shot her a puzzled look.

“Meet Jack. And I’m Callie Lassiter,” she said with a grin.

Owen laughed, and it was like a rich, decadent dessert. Incredibly tempting and probably very bad for her.

At the moment she was distracted by Owen’s hot-fudge-sundae laugh, Jack made a totally unexpected, lightning move, all the while crooning a soft woofing noise deep in his throat. “Jack, heel!”

Jack merely jerked the leash out of her hand as he bolted for the pretty female.

Her dog’s completely uncharacteristic behavior left her speechless, and, for critical seconds, completely at a loss.


Jill coyly sidestepped Jack as Callie zipped down the hall and caught her dog’s collar, but moving two hundred unwilling pounds was impossible. “Jack, sit!”

Incredibly, he ignored her again.

In the meantime, Jill danced around her master with Jack in hot pursuit. Jill’s leash wrapped around Owen, and then around Callie, at the same time that Jack’s loose leash got snagged around their ankles. In moments they were completely entangled with the dogs and with each other.

The clinging black crew neck shirt he wore felt soft under her fingers as she clutched him for balance. His pecs were thick and hard, his scent and physicality making her feel weak in the knees while her insides melted into a gooey mess.

This close, she could see that his irises were a vivid blue, shot with deep gold and rimmed in black. His eyes were intense and compelling, and she felt her interest in him deepen. Damn!

In spite of the canine commotion surrounding them, she could not shake off this man’s spell! At least she couldn’t until she felt the leashes tighten and yank her off-balance and into a tangled heap with Owen on top.

And then her brain seized up completely when one of those hard thighs pushed between her legs and that flat stomach came up against hers.

For a suspended moment she took in his gorgeous, masculine features backdropped by thick black hair that was mussed and sexy. His mouth was close to hers, lips pursed and so sensual. Her mouth tingled and ached with wondering what they would feel like against hers. Almost as though he also could feel the magnetic connection vibrating between her mouth and his, he angled his head toward her, his eyes on her lips.




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