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Book Spotlight : The Dream Jumper's Promise by author Kim Hornsby

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Today blog Wonderworld presents a special spotlight on the 4.5-5 stars recently released romantic suspense and thrilling novel titled THE DREAM JUMPER'S PROMISE (The Dream Jumper Series) by the multi talented and best selling author Kim Hornsby. This novel has so far received 61 rave reviews out of which 39 are 5 stars and 16 are 4 stars!

From the author's desk : The Dream Jumper's Promise is nominated for Best Indie First Book by the readers associated with Indie Romance Convention. Please visit my blog to know more about this latest update - 

 More about the book in this special feature!

 Book Spotlight

Ebook : THE DREAM JUMPER'S PROMISE (The Dream Jumper Series)

Genre : Romance, Mystery, Suspense

Author : Kim Hornsby

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Reviews : Multiple 4.5-5 stars - 61 reviews (39x5 stars , 16x4 stars)
Synopsis : Ten months after the presumed death of a missing surfer, Maui SCUBA shop owner, Tina Greene, still can't accept her husband Hank’s death. Without a body, her undying hope for his survival lives on.

Jamey Dunn, an old boyfriend, arrives on Maui from his tour of duty in Afghanistan where he’s a dream jumper for the military. Tina’s inconvenient feelings for him resurface and, even though he dives on her boat daily, she tries to avoid the man who betrayed her years before. Nightly dreams of diving with Hank haunt her and the edge between dreams and reality blur.

Sensing danger, Jamey stays close to the woman he’s always loved but Tina turns to Hank's best friend, Noble for comfort. Thinking he can help, Jamey offers to visit her dreams. Tina is distrustful and hesitant to let him into her subconscious mind, but relents. As the threesome come closer to solving the mystery of Hank’s disappearance, danger sets in to reveal that one person is flirting with insanity, one is a traitor, and one is an imposter.

Editorial Review (Amazon link) : "Fantastic mix of women's fiction light with a twist of magic/psychic without being heavy handed so the 2nd chance love story stays the main focus. The surprises at the end are worth the wait!" Christine M. Fairchild, Editor Devil, Author, An Eye for Danger

Chapter Excerpt

Jamey sensed Kristina was going to black out before her eyes took on that blank expression of nothingness. “Katie, get some water.” He grabbed her small frame in a loose hug and lowered her to the carpeted floor. Shit, what’s going on? He’d sensed something horribly melancholy about her when he turned around. Tragedy, sadness. Damn this clairvoyance. Pinching the inside of her thigh made her flinch. Her gorgeous chocolate-colored eyes fluttered open. “Kristina?” She smelled like gardenia flowers. He couldn’t help notice, this close.
“What?” Her voice was paper thin. She reached for the dog that had moved in to lick her face. “How long?”
“Ten seconds.” Jamey watched her scan the room. Her carotid pulse was strong.
“I felt something weird.” She turned her head to look at him and he leaned back to put a few more inches between them.
“Faint or hungry or…overjoyed to see me?” He attempted a smile but she didn’t notice. Already she was struggling to sit up. “Just lay there for a bit.”
“I’m okay now.”
He remembered how stubborn she was and helped her up, his arm under her elbow. Unsteadily, she reached for the counter. Her face had more color but hell, she still looked terrible. Deathly.
Katie ran into the room with a bottle of water. “Oh, my God, Tina. What happened? Should I phone 911?” She stopped short of hugging her boss.
Kristina grabbed the counter’s edge for support while he took the water bottle from Katie.   “Thanks, sweetie,” Jamey said, “but I think she has low blood sugar. Can you find fruit or a carb?”
“We have juice in the back fridge."
“That’ll do.” Jamey nodded, not taking his eyes from Kristina. He cracked the water bottle’s seal and handed it over.
Tina took a swig and set it down on the glass counter.
“Deep breaths,” he advised.
She exhaled and then looked into his face. “James Dunn.” It was a statement.
He remembered when they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. “Kristina Greene.” Her cap logo said ‘Tina and Hank’s Dive Shop.’ Ah yes, the husband.
“I go by Tina now."
She backed away and he didn’t blame her. The way he’d left things, he deserved a slap. Or a punch. “I’m surprised you’re still on the island.” She’d said she wouldn’t last long on Maui if her parents didn’t get off her back.
They shared a smile. Hers looked forced. His felt the same way.
She stepped behind the counter, putting distance between them. “I thought I’d seen the last of you.”
“That’s not why you fainted?” He needed her to say it wasn’t his fault.
“Here’s POG.” Katie rounded the corner, balancing an overfilled Dixie cup. She stood and watched Tina gulp the sugary pink juice.
“That did the trick, thanks, Katie."
Her eyes had lost the foggy look. “Maybe you need food,” Jamey said. He’d take her for breakfast if she’d let him.
“No thanks.” She pulled her hat further down her forehead.
His heart still raced at the sight of her again, his palms still clammy. Kristina. Wow. Definitely recognizable as the spunky dive instructor he’d fallen for ten years ago, she still had that turned-up nose, big brown eyes and a face that said ‘naughty girl next door.’ He realized that he was staring at her like she was a textbook and he had a test coming up. “You should see a doctor, just in case,” he said.
A smile didn’t accompany her chuckle. “Believe me, I will. Excuse me.” She turned and disappeared into the back room with the striped dog on her heels.


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