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Book Spotlight : The Dream Jumper's Promise by author Kim Hornsby

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Today blog Wonderworld presents a special spotlight on the 4.5-5 stars recently released romantic suspense and thrilling novel titled THE DREAM JUMPER'S PROMISE (The Dream Jumper Series) by the multi talented and best selling author Kim Hornsby. This novel has so far received 61 rave reviews out of which 39 are 5 stars and 16 are 4 stars!

From the author's desk : The Dream Jumper's Promise is nominated for Best Indie First Book by the readers associated with Indie Romance Convention. Please visit my blog to know more about this latest update -

More about the book in this special feature!

Book Spotlight

Ebook : THE DREAM JUMPER'S PROMISE (The Dream Jumper Series)

Genre : Romance, Mystery, Suspense

Author : Kim Hornsby

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Special Spotlight : Leashed (Book 1) a romantic thriller by award winning author Zoe Dawson

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Today blog Wonderworld spotlights an exceptional romantic thriller with loads of romance, mystery and suspense in each of its pages - a page turner - LEASHED(Going to the Dogs) by the award winning, multi published, brilliant romance author Zoe Dawson.

For those who are a fan of romantic thrillers and mystery genres you can download LEASHED for Free from Amazon during March 18 through March 22. Yes, this book's free now and you can get your free copy at

More on the book and author in this special edition- enjoy the chapter excerpt!!

Leashed (Going to the dogs)Author Zoe Dawson

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Special Spotlight : Fiction Writing by author Karleene Morrow

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Today blog Wonderworld is going to feature a very special book on fiction writing skills for authors. This book talks about some extremely valuable suggestions and insights on how to write an interesting and successful fiction novel. The book is titled FICTIONWRITING by author Karleene Morrow who is an ace fiction novel author and has quite a few award winning books to her credit. 

Her fiction novel DESTINIES was a semi-finalist in Kindle's Best Indie Books of 2012 and is in competition now in another major contest.

From the author's desk (about the book FICTION WRITING) : "This is a no-nonsense, easy-to-read book packed with the nitty-gritty of creative writing; a cut-to-the-chase work that will become your fiction writing bible."

More on the book and the author in this special edition!

Fiction Writing - How to write your first novelAuthor Karleene Morrow

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