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Book Spotlight : Martin The Christmas Mouse by author Jane Whiteoak

Dear readers, this Christmas the superbly talented author Jane Whiteoak presents you with a beautiful book for children, titled MARTIN THE CHRISTMAS MOUSE.

Martin the Christmas Mouse will go free for everyone across all Amazon Stores from Dec 17 - Dec18 , 2012. So here is your wonderful chance to gift your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters this great Children's Book. Download this Free Ebook from Amazon by clicking this link


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Book Spotlight - Chapter Excerpts


Author : Jane Whiteoak

Genre : Children's Book (4-8 year old)

Publication Date :  Dec 2, 2012

This Ebook will be available as free download from Amazon Kindle Stores from Dec 17- Dec 18, 2012.

Blurb : Martin the Christmas Mouse, is a story about a little mouse named Martin, who lives with his family in a little tiny house, inside of a larger house! His family are busy decorating their little place with holly and twigs, but Martin is much more interested in Mr. Kingsley.He is the owner of the big house and he cannot see as well, as he used to. Martin scurries all over helping the kind old man to find his glasses, to make lunch, find lost angels in the decoration box and even assists in tying up his boots. Mr. Kingsley, has tied the laces together and he could very well have a nasty fall!   Even though, the little mouse always comes to his rescue, the gentle man doesn't know that the tiny mouse exists!  Martin watches, as Mr. Kingsley decorates the house for Christmas and prepares for the arrival of his grandchildren on Christmas Eve. They hang their stockings and excitedly await a visit from Santa Claus and his reindeer. However, it's Martin who's in for a huge surprise on Christmas morning!

Book Chapter Excerpt 

The little mouse nearly flew over the floor and untied the laces and tried very quickly to retie them on each boot, before the man could stand up. He quickly scampered back down the boot as Mr Kingsley slowly stretched his arms, and slowly stood up from the chair.  Martin watched as the man walked safely out the front door, before he scampered back through the gate of his little house to join his family. 

“Well, well”, said Mrs. Mouse, “the children are coming tonight.  I can see that Mr. Kingsley has hung up their stockings.”  

Martin answered, “Yes, he has do you think that Santa will visit us too, Mama?’  

“Visit us here?” she said.  ‘No Martin, Santa Claus doesn’t visit mice and he doesn’t know where we live,” she laughed. 

“Oh,” Martin said sadly. “Could we hang a few little stockings up, just for decoration?”  

“Yes, we can do that, but it is only for decoration, you do understand Martin?  Santa will not be visiting us, he only visits the children,” said his mother. 

Martin slowly nodded his head and began to place two tiny stockings along their teeny, tiny fireplace. Just then he heard the door in the big house close and he scampered out to see Mr. Kingsley with his arms full of presents and the snacks for Santa and the reindeer. 

Then, there was a loud knock on the door and all the grandchildren arrived with their parents. They wished each other a merry Christmas and gathered around the old piano to sing the most beautiful Christmas carols. Martin loved to hear the music and singing so much that he started to hum along as he sat hidden behind the clock, on the piano top.

Then it was time for bed and the children laughed and giggled as they left the cookies, sugar cubes and other treats out for Santa and his reindeer. Martin inched over towards the huge plate by the fire and he wanted to take a little nibble from the delicious cookies...but he didn’t.

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