Monday, December 24, 2012

Special Spotlight : Ebook 12 Precious Anecdotes From Life - Free download dates

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This Christmas, author Payal Roy pesents you with a very special Ebook titled 12 PRECIOUS ANECDOTES FROM LIFE from Amazon Kindle Stores.  This book has received 15 diverse reviews so far with avg 4.5-5 stars. Author Payal Roy presently writes in the genres of short stories and poems. Her stories explore themes of fiction, fantasy, morals and values as well as vibrant imagination.

Let's hear what author Roy has to share with her readers about the Ebook 12 Precious Anecdotes from Life at Amazon Stores.

From the author's desk :  Author Roy wishes you Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year in advance. She presents you with this special Ebook whose cover and achievements are mentioned below.

FREE DOWNLOAD - Dec 25 thru Dec 27, 2012 (Click on this link to go to Amazon book page) : "12 Precious Anecdotes from Life" will go free for everyone across all Amazon Stores this Christmas from Dec 25 - Dec 27 , 2012. So here is your wonderful chance to download this free Ebook to your newly received Kindles and gift this Ebook to your friends and family!! 

Even if you don't have a kindle, you can always install Free Kindle reading software in your PC, Laptop, iPad etc and download this free kindle book!

Author Roy is most happy when her poetry and short story collections are read by random readers and they choose to leave honest reviews about her works. She values her readers' thoughts and analyses of her work, and continually strives to improve her writing. She requests her readers to kindly leave a review of her book 12 Precious Anecdotes from Life after the free download.


Author :Payal Roy

Genre : Fiction, Morals & Values, Inspirational Short Stories
Reviews :  15 , 5x5stars, 5x4stars, 4x3stars
Amazon Stores :  FREE download from Dec 25 - Dec 27, 2012- Merry Christmas!
Author Facebook Page : 
Blurb : This Ebook of the genre Contemporary fiction-short stories is an inspirational family-friends read with a focus on the dynamic aspects of softer emotions and relationships between people from diverse backgrounds.

Anita Maher is a senior editor at an advertising firm and she leads a regular life. But, there comes a phase in her life when she happens to meet 12 of her friends, in 12 different situations by chance. The ball of fate keeps rolling for these people and each of the 12 protagonists share their tales in the form of 12 stories with Anita.

Anita is surprised to see that they are now not the people as she knew them before. How did they change? What happened to them?

Written in the first person narrative, the 12 stories attempt to give a unique and intriguing account about the dynamic lives of the 12 people and how their tales affect Anita's lifetime. 

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