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Special Spotlight : Ebook 12 Precious Anecdotes From Life - Free download dates

Dear readers and visitors to blog Wonderworld,

This Christmas, author Payal Roy pesents you with a very special Ebook titled 12 PRECIOUS ANECDOTES FROM LIFE from Amazon Kindle Stores.  This book has received 15 diverse reviews so far with avg 4.5-5 stars. Author Payal Roy presently writes in the genres of short stories and poems. Her stories explore themes of fiction, fantasy, morals and values as well as vibrant imagination.

Let's hear what author Roy has to share with her readers about the Ebook 12 Precious Anecdotes from Life at Amazon Stores.

From the author's desk :  Author Roy wishes you Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year in advance. She presents you with this special Ebook whose cover and achievements are mentioned below.

FREE DOWNLOAD - Dec 25 thru Dec 27, 2012 (Click on this link to go to Amazon book page) : "12 Precious Anecdotes from Life"will go free for everyone across all Amazon Stores this Christmas from Dec 25 - Dec 27 , 2012. So h…

Book Spotlight : Martin The Christmas Mouse by author Jane Whiteoak

Dear readers, this Christmas the superbly talented author Jane Whiteoak presents you with a beautiful book for children, titled MARTIN THE CHRISTMAS MOUSE.

Martin the Christmas Mouse will go free for everyone across all Amazon Stores from Dec 17 - Dec18 , 2012. So here is your wonderful chance to gift your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters this great Children's Book.Download this Free Ebook from Amazon by clicking this link

Martin the Christmas Mouse-AmazonJane Whiteoak-Amazon
Book Spotlight - Chapter Excerpts

Author : Jane Whiteoak
Genre : Children's Book (4-8 year old)
Publication Date :  Dec 2, 2012
Amazon Store :
This Ebook will be available as free download from Amazon Kindle Stores from Dec 17- Dec 18, 2012.
Blurb : Martin the Christmas Mouse, is a story about a little mouse named Martin, who lives with his family in a little tiny house, inside of a larger house! His family are busy decora…

Special Spotlight : Thomas and the Lily Pond by author Jane Whiteoak

Dear readers, today's spotlight is about the popular Children's Book titled Thomas and the Lily Pond written by the exceptionally talented author Jane Whiteoak. Please note that Thomas and the Lily Pond will be a FREE DOWNLOAD for everybody for 2 days from Dec 13 - Dec 14, 2012 across all Amazon Stores. Click on this link to go to Amazon book page- FREE BOOK

Here is a chance to gift your children this exceptional book that tells a wonderful story and enables children to learn what's good and what's right.

Let us read a few thoughts that author Jane Whiteoak has shared with us today.

Author Jane WhiteoakThomas and the Lily Pond at Amazon

Q. Why have you focused your writing in the children's book genres? Who inspired you for your current creative works? What is so special about Thomas and the Lily Pond?

Author's words -I have placed my focus on children's books and have thus far stayed with that genre. Perhaps in the future, I may writie a book for Young Adults.


Book Spotlight : Why She Left Us by author David Dennis

Dear readers, today's book spotlight is on a recently released soft, romantic contemporary fiction titled "Why She Left Us" by author David Dennis. This novel is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon stores.

From the author's desk 
David Dennis (pen name for David D. D'Aguanno) is a retired English teacher who did most of his writing during the 1980s while on summer vacations. Upon the urging of various friends and relatives, he has recently reworked his earlier writings and is now making them available to a wider audience. The author has also written a series of comedy-mysteries featuring a character by the name of Brett Cornell ("Brett Gets Hammered" & others), which interested readers can find on various sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble) as well. 
Connect with author David Dennis Twitter:@DaveDAguanno Facebook: Goodreads:

Book Spotlight : Online purchase links, ex…


Recently blog Wonderworld came across the website Technorati and was amazed to see such a wonderful site listing thousands of blog urls to be placed in their huge and diverse blog directory. There are multiple categories to choose from where the blog can be featured. Technorati is a cool site, simple to use and update, and also search for any idea or information across any category or genre of choice. SK9XA3AAK8G8  Blog Wonderworld would recommend Technorati to anyone interested in increasing their reach and learning new ideas and information from a multitude of social media blogsites available there.

Book Spotlight : Stranger in Town ( A Sloane Monroe Mystery) by best selling author Cheryl Bradshaw

Dear readers and fans of author Cheryl Bradshaw's Sloane Monroe Mystery Series,

Blog Wonderworld brings you another exciting news today! Today's book spotlight is on an intriguing, fast-paced and a thrilling novel filled with action and a "sitting on an edge read"  from the Amazon bestseller Sloan Monroe Mystery series brilliantly created by best-selling author Cheryl Bradshaw - Her latest novel in the series is titled STRANGER IN TOWN

FREE! This latest novel in the Sloane Monroe Mystery Series is FREE for everyone at Amazon from Nov 30 through Dec 2, 2012. Click on this link to go directly to Amazon Book page

Read a blurb from this novel posted in this blog along with links to the author's website, purchase links to the bookstore, and links to multiple star reviews that this novel has received. 

AUTHOR LINKS : Connect with author Cheryl Bradshaw
Cheryl Bradshaw is an Amazon Kindle Best-Selling Author in Mystery: Hard-Boiled and Thriller: Spy Stories & Tale…

Book Spotlight : “You Are Not a Planet and Other Stories” by author Sean Manseau

Today's spotlight is on author Sean Manseau's exceptional and thrillingbook "You are not a Planet and other stories", which is already making its successful presence in the world of Young Adult, Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. 

From the author's desk : My Ebook You are Not a Planet and Other Stories is Free today Nov 22 - Nov 23 on the occasion of Thanksgiving. Download this Free Ebook as well as gift your loved ones from the Amazon store by clicking on this link.

AUTHOR LINKS : Connect with author Sean Manseau

Author Page at Amazon : Books by Sean Manseau

Facebook Page :

Book Spotlight

Ebook : YOU ARE NOT A PLANET and Other Stories

Genre : Science Fiction, Young Adult, Thriller, Short Stories

Author : Sean Manseau

Amazon Store :

Reviews : Multiple 5stars 

Blurb : SHUDDER... as Tom, magical creature and budding romance novelist, must battle to save the life of…

Book Spotlight - Stairlift to Heaven 2 (Further up the Stairlift) by best selling author Terry Ravenscroft

Dear readers, today, we are privileged to present a book spotlight about a best seller bound entertainment and a humorous Kindle book : Stairlift to Heaven 2 – Further up the Stairlift written by author Terry Ravenscroft. This latest release is an extension of its best selling predecessor Stairlift to Heaven that garnered 106 reviews of which 76x5star reviews at Amazon UK.

Author Terry Ravenscroft has 16 books to his credit which are available across all Amazon Stores, some of which like the Stairlift to Heaven series are best sellers in their respective genres.

AUTHOR LINKS : Connect with Author Terry Ravenscroft

Terry Ravenscroft is a well known former scriptwriter to Les Dawson, The Two Ronnies, Morecambe and Wise, Ken Dodd, Alas Smith and Jones and many more top comedians and television shows.He now writes comedy and humorous books.

Author Page at Amazon :

Website :

Twitter Handle : @terryrazz

Facebook page :