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Featured EBook and Author : The Last Ark by Ben Portus.

Ebook : The Last Ark

Genre :Young Adult action adventure story.

Author : Ben Portus

Author profile website:


Multiple reviews: 5stars and 4.5 stars

SYNOPSIS: Kidnap. Betrayal. A secret past and a lethal virus. Who do you trust when everything you know is a lie ... and the entire planet's at stake? Sammy Twice is a normal kid - that's what adults always tell him. Until his mum gets abducted in the dead of night. Then everything changes forever. Because Sammy has a hidden past. His home, his parents, even the person he is ... they're all a lie. And who is The Professor? Why is he stealing animals? What is The Ark? Sammy needs to find out fast. The countdown has already started. The flood is coming, and it will destroy everything on Earth.

"The gap between his feet and the fence around the lion enclosure was at least a metre wide. The drop was the height of five men. In the darkness, curving rolls of barbed wire shimmered along the top of the fence, each razor prong waiting to snag and incise. Sammy took a deep breath. He lifted his chin. Rain poured over his face, running into his eyes, blurring his vision. He blinked. Lightning split the sky ahead. The air fizzed and a billion drops were frozen like diamonds in the wintry sky. In the distance a sudden macabre silhouette: his mother, clinging crucifix-like to the wire, three lions reaching up with great sharp claws to drag her down.
Darkness. The thunder cracked like an explosion. He jumped."


By Shed
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase 4*
This is a great book with an inspirational young hero who defies the odds to do what is right in a variety of well executed scenarios. A book I would recommend not only to young adults but to anyone wanting a fast paced modern adventure punctuated throughout with intriguing and interesting veterinary facts. I agree with the above reviewer and will definitely be keeping my eye out for a sequel.

Highly recommended
8 May 2012
By Capt Jim Ltd

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase 5*
The Last Ark is a brilliant read. I simply couldn't put it down. An action packed adventure with a twist in the tail that made me gasp aloud. Ideal for teenagers from 9 to 90! Can't wait for the next Sammy Twice adventure - this story begs a sequel.
Format:Kindle Edition 5*
Couldn't put this book down. From the first page there's drama and you are always wondering what's going to happen next. I loved all the animals and there are some really funny moments, but then it becomes quite sinister and towards the end the tension really builds. It's clever the way the beginning of the book links in with the ending and it left me wanting more. Highly recommended read.

Featured EBook and Author: Augur of Armageddon by Spyder Collins

Featured Ebook: Augur of Armageddon
Author Spyder Collins, Author Profile
Genre : Horror
Ebook link:

ISBN-13: 978-1469976792 and ISBN-10: 146997679X both digital and print


Kindra is a young woman who was realizing her dreams, she had purchased her first home and had solidified herself as a elementary school teacher. She lived in a modest two bedroom home not far from her place of employment in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. She was not particularly religious, though she did believe in God but what little Faith she did have would be shaken to its core in the events that were about to unfold.

The End of Days is a story retold for generations. No one really knows how the events will unfold do they? Certainly, you can rest your beliefs on the Bible or that of the scientific minds, neither of which can be definitive until the events of the Apocalypse unfold.

Kindra’s version of the End of Days lends itself to the coming of Christ and the events that may unfold after his ultimate departure. The thousand years of peace or is there something more sinister brewing? Only one
person can know these events for sure, Kindra. The events of the End of Days revolve around the ‘chosen’ elementary school teacher from Colorado.

“I woke the next morning near dawn. It was normally my favorite time of the day, just before the sun pushed the blanket of darkness over the horizon. It was the quietest time; the air was always crisp. My dad used
to say that it was best to be the first to breathe the morning air. I was a firm believer. Every morning I sat in my robe on my porch with a cup of coffee. I loved Colorado and all it had to offer.

Now it was the dawning of the hideous visions that the light revealed morning after morning. The night, as cold and lonely as it was, hid many of the undesirable sights that the modest light of day exhibited. The
sights of the dead forever etched my memory. The daylight, although bleak, brought those sights to mind. I stepped out into the park; I don’t remember why. I’d have rather curled up in my space and never emerged

Face her fears:

The demons stood in a pack near the entrance of the community. A growl strewed through them like a rumor in a schoolhouse of young girls. The clamor was frightening, their numbers intimidating. The reality of the
numbers struck a fear in me that I would have to face or die. I lay waiting for my moment to strike down the demon invaders. If my flesh could crawl, it would have fled without me long ago.

Test her faith:

“There I stood, Father, weapon in hand, facing down the angels of Hades. Where was God, then? Certainly not with me that day, certainly not there to care for His child who worshipped him so dearly.”

Kindra stood in front of Father Bailey, her eyes ablaze. He sat quietly, shocked by her outburst. Kindra smiled a guileful grin.

“Where was God? Indeed.”

Live it all through the eyes of Kindra and come to understand the ultimate fate of mankind in Augur of Armageddon.

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Calling all Indie authors and poets- Get your ebook featured for free!

Calling all Indie authors/poets/writers-Get your ebook featured for free!

Hello dear indie author friends, readers and visitors to my blog! I hope you all are doing great! I have redecorated my blog at blogger, and now its ready to roll! What does my blog at blogger aim to do? Please share this post with your fellow author and reader friends. The reason is mentioned below.

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I look forward to post, showcase and highlight any good ebook written by you, dear indie writers to showcase your valuable work in front of readers or visitors visiting my blog site, I however will not endorse erotica, graphic novel or any other ebook that has controversy in it , is controversial or acts as a hate message to any culture or race of people. Apart from that, ebooks from all genres are welcomed to be highlighted in this blog site.This is a free service for now!

If you are interested to showcase your work in my blog site here is what you need to do:

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If you like my idea, then lets work together to highlight our works in front of the growing sea of readers out there, and give them a good read through our books!

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From the author of ebook : Memoirs : The Soulful Recollection Friendship and Life

 Introduction :

A big hello and a warm welcome to all friends visiting my blog!

I am a freelance author who wanders around the world, takes nature photographs and writes about experiences and lessons that life shares our way everyday.

My latest venture has been my ebook Memoirs - The Soulful Recollection Friendship and Life which is a blend of nature photography across different locales of Europe and poetry exuding the joy and emotions related to life,love, friendship, nature and her beauty.

The ebook has received 5 stars reviews at, and 4.5 stars reviews at Barnes and Noble, Goodreads and Readers Favorite.

The ebook is available in Kindle format, PDF, ePub for Androids, Smartphones, iPad, iPhone, Online view at It is also available in nook format at Barnes and Noble bookstore.

The direct link to the ebook is  : Memoirs: The Soulful Recollection Friendship and Life -- ebook at Barnes and Noble

and at :

This poem is an excerpt from my latest ebook : Memoirs - The Soulful Recollection Friendship and Life , which is available for download at the Barnes and Noble book store and smashwords. Have a great day!

So vast like the ocean...
Deep so deep,
Rustic and mystic...
Its an enigma, a charisma....
Happiness and sorrow it reaps.

You don't know
What lies ahead...
Yet you move on,
'Cause its the time...
Which sweeps you,
From the moment you are born.....
Through tides and through currents,
Sometimes weak and sometimes strong....

That's life...
Take a dive...
'Cause you still have
A lot more years to live,
To see and to hear,
To sense and to feel,
To lose and to win,
To endure and ....
To grow old.......

Yes! That's life...
Sometimes sweet, sometimes cruel.....
Sometimes beautiful , sometimes cold....
That's life! Real and untold,
Its chapters as they unfold.