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Book Spotlight : The Witches of Panay (YA Fantasy) by author Malika Gandhi

Hello friends! Literary Flairs presents yet another interesting, highly imaginative and a magical fantasy novel with a free chapter excerpt for you to read. The book titled The Witches of Panay is an upcoming new release (slated for May end), and is also the first of its series. It is written by the very talented author and illustrator Malika Gandhi. We'll learn more about her and the book in today's special feature.


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From the author's desk : Malika Gandhi (known as Fayr Willow for her The Witches of Panay series) was born in India, Bombay, but was brought up in London. She is married with two boys, and works as an author in her spare time, whilst working full time elsewhere. Malika Gandhi has written three books to date under her own name, all have been published on Amazon.

Book Spotlight - The Witches of Panay

Book : The Witches of Panay

Author : Malika Gandhi

Genre : Young Adult Fantasy, Literary Fiction

Available worldwide at Amazon book stores : US Amazon, UK Amazon

Trivia : "I have a new release coming up at the end of May called The Witches of Panay. The genre is Fantasy. This is my first YA Fantasy book which will be a series. PS: The work magickal is intentionally spelt that way." Author Malika Gandhi

Book Summary
 I was a normal girl, went to school, stayed out of trouble, and did my homework. I hung around with my best friend, Chantelle, and worked part-time at my Mama's floristry. My life on Earth was as normal as anyone’s could be, other than my being a witch. Nothing exciting ever happened. That was, not until the day Jake arrived. Then, slowly everything changed. Now, I find myself entering Magickal realms, talking to animals, and encountering monsters that I thought were just myths. I am told I am the Chosen One. I have a job to do. I have to save the Earth.

Chapter excerpt 

The boat began to rock. Rita, Chantelle and I screamed. Shimmering pearl-like hands appeared on the sides of the boat and then heads appeared out of the water. The Merpeople were too close.
They were beautiful, as Evaliyah had said. Their faces were angelic-like and radiance glowed from their very being. I was instantly mesmerised and I felt a magnet-like tug from them for me to join them.
“Get away from here!” Evaliyah growled at them, taking a shovel he had stowed on the base of the boat. He waved it in their faces, warning them. “Get away now, you filthy murderers!”
The Mermaids squealed and dove back under the dark water from Evaliyah’s threat, whilst the Mermen remained on the surface, but moved back a couple feet. There was one that looked like a King, for he wore a crown on top of his head and held an ornate spear in one hand. He had gold and silver markings painted on his face that shone from a glowing green strobe that he and every other Mer-person was holding.
“We will do no harm to you. All we want is the girl Larissa and the Crystal. We will leave the rest of you,” said the Mer-chief.
“You can’t have her!”replied Mathalae. “She is not yours to take! Go away and leave us!”
“The girl has been called for. We have our orders to take her to our Queen,” said another Merman.
“Who is this queen you speak of?” asked Evaliyah. “What does your queen want from Larissa? She is but a normal witch and nothing else. Go and tell her, she will not have Larissa. We will not give her to you!”
“The Dark Queen will not agree,” said the Merman. “We shall take her!”
“She is your queen?” asked Jake, incredulously.
“The Dark Queen is an acquaintance to the Queen to the Merpeople, who has made a deal to deliver the girl and the Crystal to her,” said a Merman.
“No!” I shouted. “I will not go to her!”
My sudden outburst sent flames into the sky from my upturned palms. I felt the magick inside me scream, as fireballs landed on the water’s surface, but did not die out from the moisture. They instead joined together and spread fast, forming circles around the Merpeople and a barrier between us.
The Mer-Chief shouted something intangible and large water bubbles rose from the dark water. They were magickal! The bubbles quickly dispersed the enchanted fire, leaving only wisps of smoke where the fire was once.
I was shoved back into the tent covering with force when a spear shot towards me. It was blocked instantly by one of Rita’s shields, and redirected back towards the Mermaid who threw it. The Mermaid laughed, which ironically sounded like musical bells, but was deadly. The sound turned into a high-pitched wail that burrowed into my ears. I covered them with my gloves, but the sound just got louder. 
I could also hear the fight outside the tent clearly. The sound of the clapping water was tremendous as arrows and magick joined together in this small, but powerful war of Witches against Merpeople. I had to go out and help. After all, they were fighting to save me from those wretched creatures! I stood up and went to leave the tent covering, ready to use some spells I was taught by Beskine and Janet. I wouldn’t let my friends fight this alone! Chantelle and Jake had left the tent area to help too. No, I was not going to sit inside and let them sacrifice themselves for me! Putting all my energy and power into my magickal blood, I stomped outside.
“No Larissa!” Mathalae stopped me. “You must stay inside. It is you and the Crystal they want. Let us protect you. Get back inside, now!”
“But, Mathalae, I must help! I can’t just sit inside. I am not a coward!” I yelled. I pushed past him and stationed myself at the foot of the dragon’s head of the stern.
“This spell should scare them off!” I removed my gloves and focussed all of my energy. I summoned the power to push them back down in the murky depths of this black water. At first, a little glow appeared on my palm and then it disappeared.
“Larissa, look out!” shouted Jake as a net came hurtling towards me. I cascaded it away with a single thought and it fell back onto one of the Mermaids.
She shrieked something, in her native tongue and white hands appeared around her sides. They grabbed my ankles and pulled me into the water, swimming as fast as she could with me, to get me closer to the others and away from my ship. 

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