Friday, September 7, 2012

Featured Ebook : The Deep Dark Well by Doug Dandridge


Genre : Science Fiction, Action-Adventure

Author : Doug Dandridge

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Reviews : Multiple 4.3-5stars

Blurb : In the year 2089 Pandora Latham is working to tag comets.  Kuiper miner Niven comes across a derelict of far superior technology, an English name on the hull.  As Pandi and crew explore the ship, space distorts around them, the Universe getting rid of the paradox.  While the ships break apart Pandi jumps into an active wormhole.  Pandi comes out in an advanced space station 46,000 years in the future that appears deserted.  

Pandora finds herself in a fight against the cybernetic defenders of the station.  Watcher, a genetically engineered super being, observes the fight.  His curiosity and loneliness get the better of him and he allows Pandi to survive.  He sends his own robots to gather her up, while watching other developments in the Supersystem, a group of eight star systems in orbit around the black hole.

A task force from the newly risen xenophobic Nation of Humanity has entered the system, to capture technology from  the station.  The Nation sees all alien life as evil.  It wishes to increase its tech to aid it in its war against the evil.  Traveling from their home system using their space destroying drives, they will not be dissuaded.  Pandi is captured by Watcher and taken to his quarters.  Her emotional stress and his loneliness draw them together.  Watcher disappears and is replaced by his paranoid brother, Vengeance, who captures and tortures Pandi, taking sadistic pleasure in her agony.

The Nation of Humanity ships probe the station.  Vengeance uses the graviton beam projectors in orbit around the hole to destroy two ships.  The rest pull back and continue to probe the station.  Meanwhile new visitors have entered the system in a different kind of ship, deploying a more advanced drive than the Nation.  The newcomers, from the Kingdom of Surya, have been at war with the Nation for generations.

Pandi fights her way free from Vengeance.  She gains access to the control center in another section of the station.  The Nation of Humanity force strikes, using pseudo FTL drives to get in under the defenses, escaping with much of the tech they were after.  Pandi, using a shielded system, delves into the mystery of Watcher/Vengeance.  She finds that Vengeance destroyed civilization at the behest of the station computer, thousands of years prior.  

The computer has been switching out the personalities of the “brothers” while they sleep, using Watcher as a companion, and Vengeance the sadistic defender of the station.  Pandi entices Watcher to her area and induces the change to Vengeance by telling Watcher the truth.  Pandi captures Vengeance and reawakens Watcher, who is horrified to learn that his other self was responsible for the deaths of trillions.  The station computer was afraid it was going to be disconnected in favor of another, more advanced computer.

Watcher and Pandi decide to take out the central computer.  Watcher uses wormholes to flood each target area with radiation while Pandi strikes.  The last, primary, core does not have a working demolition charge, and Pandi brings the mouth of a wormhole with her in the assault.  The computer is destroyed as the black hole sucks it out the station.  Pandi makes a last second escape and finds herself plummeting into the black hole.  

She barely avoids the event horizon and just generates enough vector to just miss the station.  Watcher picks Pandi up from space and the pair plan to revive Galactic Civilization.  In the tradition of Ringworld, THE DEEP DARK WELL is of course written with the possibility of sequels as Pandi and Watcher explore the Galaxy.

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