Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Featured Ebook : 'Sacerdos, The Sacerdos Mysteries I' by Elizabeth Amisu

Ebook : SACERDOS (The Sacerdos Mysteries #1)

Genre :  Young Adult/New Adult Fantasy-Science Fiction

Author : Elizabeth Amisu

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ISBN : 9781622090907 (Paperback) 

Reviews : Multiple 5stars -UK Amazon and 4stars-US Amazon 

Blurb :  Caelara, a fifteen year-old teenager from East London, doesn’t think there is anything special about her life. That is until a package arrives on her doorstep which threatens to blow her world apart. She and her father flee London and find themselves trapped in an alternate universe, in the ancient city of Sacerdos. Once there, she develops the supernatural ability to manipulate water and is quickly enlisted to the army. However, a bloodthirsty killer, Reficio, is on the loose and needs her to accomplish his plans...

 UK Amazon Reviews (Click to view all reviews)

US Amazon Reviews (Click to view all reviews) 

Editorial Review - The Mysteries tell the story of Caelara, a young girl whose difficult existence with her alcoholic father is turned upside down when she discovers she has the power to manipulate the elements. Before she knows it she is enrolled into the Sacerdos Institution, a school for gifted youths, where she meets pupils with different talents from a world that she never knew existed.

Caelara’s special skills place her in the order of Alatius, the order of sky and sea, and soon she and the other astute members of the Elite are drafted into republican war to defend the life of people that Caelara is growing to love.

Elizabeth has created a new language and painted the world of Terra Magna with vivid clarity, a world where workers are replaced with golems, elements are there to be manipulated and being gifted means you are in the heart of danger.


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