Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Featured Ebook : Reconstructing Eve by Lisa Hilleren

Genre :  Contemporary Romance/Women’s Fiction/Transformational Fiction
Author : Lisa Hilleren
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Amazon  Stores : Both Kindle and Paperback 
ISBN: 9780985641382

Reviews : Multiple 5stars 
Blurb : Imagine you’re forty-four, you live in Jersey, your name is Eve--and a shiny red apple (in the form of thirty-one year old Aidan Wharton) has just been dropped in your lap. Do you resist the temptation, or go for it?
Eve Merritt used to believe that being the perfect daughter, perfect wife, and perfect mom was her ticket to living happily-ever-after. When the good girl routine doesn’t pay off as expected, Eve vows that from now on, she’s having her apple and her Eden, too!
But right from the start, there’s trouble in paradise. Eve finds herself falling hard for Aidan, but with her family in an uproar over their affair, and a stalker from Aidan’s past bedeviling them, it will take all of Eve’s courage to overcome the decades’ old conditioning of putting everyone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of her own.

Amazon Reviews (Click on the link)

Editorial Reviews-Readers Favorite Reviews
(The book received Four 5-star and One 4-Star review from Readers Favorite. The excerpt below came from one of the other 5-star reviews.)
Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers Favorite – 5 Stars! 
"Reconstructing Eve" is a book that all women, mothers, wives, daughters and aunts should read. It is a great guide for thinking about how to become the “real you”. 
Eve is a forty-four year old divorced woman. Aidan is the thirty-one year old who has loved her most of his life. Eve has always believed that she had to do everything right and be the perfect daughter, wife and mother. As Eve and Aiden fall in love they are faced with a myriad of disasters. 
A stalker who is trying to ruin Eve’s car, home and life, Will, the ex-husband who realized he has made the worst mistake of his life and is trying desperately to win Eve back, a daughter who does not approve of Mom dating a younger man or refusing to try and reconcile with Dad, business problems, and so much more. Through it all we the readers watch as Eve follows her convictions to become a strong, self confident woman and speak out for what she believes in. 
"Reconstructing Eve" is a wonderful fictional story with a strong message to all women who are tired of following the rules and want to take control of their lives. Lisa Hilleren has written a book that will have you hooked from the very first page through the twists and turns happening until the very last page. 
"Reconstructing Eve" is a warm, fuzzy, real and scary story that will have you emotionally attached to each and every character. This is a five star story written by a five star author. I hope every woman will read this book. I guarantee they will be so glad they did.

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