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Special Spotlight : The Hollow Man by author Paul Hollis

Author Paul HollisThe Hollow Man
Today's special Spotlight is on an 'edge of the seat' bestselling thriller (based on true experiences) titled The Hollow Man by bestselling author Paul Hollis.
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Book Spotlight - The…

Special Spotlight : The Quixotics (a fast paced action with romance) by author John Wayne Falbey

Author John Wayne Falbey
The Quixotics (at Amazon)

Today's Special Spotlight is about an intriguing and fast paced action with romance titled The Quixotics. This novel is written by the multi talented, creative and adventurous author John Wayne Falbey with a host of professional achievements to his credit.

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Book Spotlight - The Quixotics

Ebook :  THE QUIXOTICS ( a fast paced romantic action)

Author :  John Wayne Falbey

Genre : Mystery,  Thriller, Suspense, Romance

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Reviews : multiple 5 stars

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Book Synopsis  Unlike today’s returning warriors, veterans of Vietnam were not welcomed…