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Spotlight : Award Winning novel Predation by SJ Parkinson

Today's Spotlight is on Author S J PARKINSON and his Award Winning Science Fiction Novel PREDATION. 

From the Author's Desk :Predation will be free on Amazon October 4 - 5, 2012 through KDP Select and I invite you to download a free copy by clicking here.

Awards: Predation is the first science fiction novel to be unanomously voted "Outstanding in Genre" by Red Adept Select.

Author Profile: Twitter: @SJ_Parkinson Facebook: Red Adept Select:
Book name: Predation Genre: Science Fiction ISBN: (Kindle) - 978-0-9857899-3-0  (Paperback) - 978-0-9857899-5-4 Amazon Link: Free Download on Oct 4-Oct 5 , 2012

Synopsis: Two hundred years in the future, human beings have traveled to the stars, settled colonies on fifty worlds, and finally discovere…