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Monday, January 28, 2013

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Genre : Photography- Poetry, Travel, Inspirational, Life.

Author : Payal Roy

Reviews : Multiple 4-5stars

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Blurb : This Ebook which holds a collection of 41 poems and an article on life , nature and friendship takes the readers on a roller coaster journey exploring the various emotions of the mind and the heart. This Ebook engages the reader in pursuits of fantasy, love, friendship and insights on life and its dynamism through lucid words of simple yet deeply touching poetry.

If you love travelling to a variety of locations across the world and have an interest in poetry, then you can check out this colourful photo-poetry Ebook. The author has travelled across multiple locations in the world and taken nature photos which she has included in this Ebook which tells her tales to the world through numerous poems about a variety of topics. 



So vast like the ocean...
Deep so deep,
Rustic and mystic...
Tis an enigma, a charisma....
Happiness and sorrow it reaps.

You do not know
What lies ahead...
Yet you move on,
Coz it is the time...
Which sweeps you,
From the moment you are born...
Through tides and through currents,
Sometimes weak and sometimes strong....

That is life...
Take a dive...
Coz you still have
A lot more years to live,

To see and to hear,
To sense and to feel,
To lose and to win,
To endure and....
To grow old...

Yes! That is life...
Sometimes sweet, sometimes cruel…
Sometimes beautiful and sometimes cold....
That is life! Real and untold,
Its chapters as they unfold.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Book Spotlight : Rakesh's Story (Scattered Ashes Book 1) by author Malika Gandhi

Dear readers,

Today blog Wonderworld is most privileged to present you a very special spotlight about a unique, intriguing, action packed historical fiction novel titled RAKESH'S STORY- Book One of the Scattered Ashes (Epic Saga) written by the exceptionally talented author Malika Gandhi

Author Malika Gandhi is also a book reviewer. To request a review contact her at :

What's this Ebook about? 
In the words of the author - This intriguing , thrilling and action packed novel is about a Freedom Fighter's wish to see his country free, a son and a brother's wish for justice.

In this post you will come to know about chapter excerpts from this book, its purchase and review links and about author Malika Gandhi.


Ebook : RAKESH'S STORY (Scattered Ashes Book 1)

Genre : Historical Fiction, Action, Thriller

Author : Malika Gandhi

Publication Date : Just published - Jan 10, 2013

Purchase Links : US Amazon -

Reviews : 5stars 

Author's Twitter Handle :

Synopsis : A son, a brother, a friend and a Freedom Fighter.

Mohandas Gandhi has called for the British to Quit India. He has called for supporters; he wants a non-violent transition of power to the Indian man.

When Rakesh heard the call, he wanted in. Joining his fellow comrades in this “war” against the British Raj, Rakesh becomes a Freedom Fighter. Little did he know the pain he would cause his Ma, Babuji (father) and his younger brother, Dev when he chose to go on that march.

This is Rakesh’s story; his struggle against the power of the Raj, his anguish and love for his family but his determination and strength to want to see India win her independence.

Scattered Ashes is a five part series of the struggles five individuals go through from diverse relationships and tears, to finding love and accepting the fate bestowed upon them.


His eyes flickered to the armed guards, worry etched on his face. The guards adjusted their hold on their rifles, ready to fire on command.

‘Please, be reasonable,’ shouted the officer once more. ‘No decision can be made like this! I can arrange—’ his voice was drowned as the group went into another chant. 


The sound of a gun fire silenced the men.

‘That’s more like it.’ The officer walked back into the building with the guards following.

The shot had attracted a few locals who stood outside the gates, trying to get a look in. The guard was having a hard time telling them to go away. He gave up and sat down on his stool again, popping another betel leaf into his mouth.

‘Now what shall we do?’ said Manoj. ‘Should we chant again?’

‘No, let’s wait,’ said Dilip.

A few minutes later, a car horn hooted and everyone turned to their direction of the gates. A white car stopped outside and the guard immediately began conversing with the man inside. He then opened the gates and the car drove through parking right outside the building. The officer came out to greet the man who was dressed in a khaki-coloured uniform, crisp and neat. His body manner indicated this could only be the General. Did Dilip have it wrong? He was positive that today the General would not be out of his office.

‘The General was not away,’ said Dilip erasing any doubts. ‘This is some kind of ploy.’

The officer and the General spoke in low voices; the officer pointed to the group.

‘Good afternoon gentleman. I am General William Forester.’ The General came to stand a few feet from the men. ‘My officer tells me you have come here, on this fine day to speak to me.’

‘Yes, we have come to voice our views and requests – we want to see changes in our village,’ said Dilip.

‘You were informed, were you not, that an invitation is needed to be permitted entry. I am a very busy man, Mr...’


 ‘Right. The basic fact is that you need to write to my administration team for an appointment. We can then meet properly, have a chat, maybe some chai (Indian tea)?’ The General chuckled at his own joke. ‘You can tell me about your fears then but today I am not available as I have a meeting to attend in a few minutes. So please gentlemen, do excuse me.’

He turned on his heel and walked into the building. The officer followed. It didn’t seem like he wanted to stay in the present company, Rakesh smiled wryly.

‘Cowards!’ Dilip’s eyes blazed. ‘Brothers, begin chanting. We will not go until they hear what we have to say!’

They didn’t need telling twice and once again the chant began. It wasn’t long before the harassed looking officer came out, this time onto the balcony of the General’s office. He waved the chanting down.

‘The General and I have discussed your requirements and he has agreed to grant you an appointment. If you write a short letter to us first, noting your reason for the meeting and our administration team will respond with a suitable date.’

‘Liar!’ Namdev shouted which provoked more angry outbursts. Lighted torches swung above their heads; voices getting angrier and higher. Rakesh felt his heart beat fast; something awful was about to happen.

The officer went back inside and came out with a megaphone. ‘If you don’t leave now, we will have no choice but to call the police. You will be arrested and thrown in jail. This will lead to prosecution, for some of you...’ his eyes rested on Dilip. ‘It could mean something else.’

An ominous silence followed and determination replaced anger. An understanding spread amongst the men. Setting their torches aside, they sat on the hard ground and linked arms.

‘Hold your head up and do not give in!’ Dilip commanded.

‘Gentlemen, this is your last warning. Remove yourselves from the premises,’ said the officer.

No one moved.

‘You leave us no choice,’ he sighed.

Within a few minutes the iron gates opened. Police entered the forecourt; with batons in their hands ready. They circled the group like angry vultures and waited for the signal. The men tightened their hold.

 ‘Will you or will you not leave? This is your last chance,’ the officer said, like he was offering one last request before their execution. No one moved and the officer signaled.

Things began to speed up; to Rakesh, it all moved in slow motion. The police charged, pulling the men’s arms away from their neighbours and half dragged, half threw them away from each other. The batons came down thick and fast; there was no time to run. Bones crunched as the batons cracked on hips, legs and arms. Some fell whilst others fought.

‘Get your filthy arms off me, traitor!’ one of the men shouted.

‘Aagh! Leave me, in the name of God!’ another screamed.

Someone grabbed Rakesh’s arms and twisted them behind his back. The baton crushed his torso and he fell sideways twisting his leg the wrong way. Rakesh screamed. Clutching his leg, he closed his eyes and waited for another blow but it didn’t come. Breathing in and out he controlled the became very quiet and Rakesh opened his eyes.

Everyone was still and staring in shock at something on the ground. Rakesh tried to follow but couldn’t see, his view was obscured. Spasms crippled him. Gritting his teeth, Rakesh dragged himself closer to the front of the crowd...his breath caught, his heart turned cold. 

There he was, a few yards away from him, his brother and his friend. Dilip lay on the ground, his eyes glazed over and mouth open in a silent scream.

Something snapped inside. He dragged himself closer and grabbed Dilip’s shirt.

Author Malika Gandhi lives with her husband and two sons in the East Midlands, UK. She is a homemaker and in between caring for her family, she writes her books and dabbles in a little painting too. She loves to experiment with different mediums, such as oils, acrylic and watercolour. 

Malika was born in India but moved to London when she was two, where her father was already settled. She travelled with her mother and brother. 

Malika has lived in London, studied in Southampton and moved to Leicester after her marriage, which is where her husband and his family live. A girl moves in with her in-laws after marriage, at least for a short time.

Malika loves to watch movies, visits art and history museums and is curious about the universe.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Special Spotlight : Yardrof by author Gion B. Tahunka

Dear readers,

Today blog Wonderworld is most privileged to present an intriguing and coming of age science fiction novel titled YARDROF written by the exceptionally talented author Gion B. Tahunka. Please enjoy your visit through this spotlight that will highlight the synopsis and chapter excerpts of YARDROF, its purchase links and the author's bio.


Title: Yardrof

Genre : Science Fiction, Young Adult, Adventure 

Author: Gion B. Tahunka

                                   YARDROF at Barnes and Noble Nook Stores 

                                   YARDROF at Google Play Bookstore 

ISBN: 9781456606305

Word count: (rounded) 51,000

Format: EBook (digital); ePUB, MOBI


The author has made available a partial sum of his book Yardrof, in allowing readers to get a glimpse of his science fiction work.  As his providing he has produced a free to share and download version of his eBook Yardrof. 

If preferred, do read the free version of Yardrof.  As it is free to download. YARDROF_Chapter-One_FREE can be downloaded in access with the following link:

Set in the town of Yardrof, the story takes the reader to the future along with some visits to the past, but then suddenly breaks away from those now familiar bonds by his captivation to someplace so very far away, and yet--so near as to then be brought back again, within the reader experience to join the partaken in some new Earthly insights imagined by the author. Yardrof is the author's first novel.


   Randall Kazamp is a boy who, despite their set limitations, always plays by or within the rules--even though he oddly winds up as the occurrence that has the rules to be broken by the establishment of an on-course heading that's all the way back to an open door that somehow has wound up with a big new discovery inside. But to no one's big surprise it is very old.  And Randall is led away to unwind alone, but he oddly discovers his mind that's on course to being a man's.

    But still joined, when it comes right down to it, the known universe is equally as big or mysterious or capable as any act occurring in it, as they go clasp in clasp would likely be the guess or so it would seem--while on their way.  But Randall Kazamp, at his age in this story hasn't even completely developed a guess--as he is still a boy. Randall, though, is different than any other boy; but, yet, he is quite the same--and just like the Universe, they specifically are all growing-up, which is also the theme of the book Yardrof--with its rounded 51,000 words.

   The science fiction story takes place in the town of Yardrof, within an environment setting of the first quarter of the twenty-second century.

   From the Kazamp backyard, where Randall Kazamp helps his father, Peter Kazamp--a scientist, tend his goldenrain trees, to Randall's help as 'the breaking molds' by his entrance into a rather hushed radar telescope site located in his hometown, and then off in scope to a parallel world that Randall helps bring into focus in one apparent mode that results with an official glimpse--might all be described as strange in this story.  But following his helpful acts, Randall strangely, though naturally his best, helpfully helps himself to his very own.

   So, do grab hold, while reading Yardrof, in readiness for a text-tract roller coaster ride given a chain of events lain both before and after some apparent given facts.  Still, conclusively though, amounts to nothing more than growing-up. Yet, in pertinence to lively, commonly extraordinarily does so--in one way or another anyhow.  Just the same, in the story Yardrof, Randall Kazamp is ordinary with respect to growing up, as he is a boy; but he makes an Earthly-unearthly discovery which leads to his further development in being just one among other events visited in the story by the reader.  In the book Yardrof, the stage and the scenario have been setup and arranged, it's up to the reader from that point onward.  It's science fiction, but at least something's left.

YARDROF [ Excerpt ] - Chapter 2

   That's what Randall let pass as his thoughts on his thirteenth birthday, a virtual shelf of memories containing an accessible reminder of his twelfth birthday, and any puppetry held by him within the frame was his only entertainment. Well, Randall's thirteenth birthday was yesterday, and that's where he has to leave it. 

Today is another day; it is still early, and Randall is headed in the direction of downstairs to get some breakfast before his father takes him out shopping. But first he wants to check in on his father to see if he's up and about yet. After Randall had checked throughout the house in unsuccessfully locating Mr. Kazamp, he eventually finds him out in the backyard near some of his goldenrain trees, as he catches glimpses of Mr. Kazamp out of the side-door of the kitchen while getting himself some breakfast. 

Mr. Kazamp had promised to take Randall shopping today, since he didn't get him anything for his thirteenth birthday yesterday. With the weekend arriving the day after Randall's birthday, Mr. Kazamp had decided this year to just wait with the birthday present gift--and take Randall shopping on this Saturday instead. Randall being the mature lad that he is, wouldn't have minded at all if his father had just skipped all of the birthday with gift hoopla.

Peter Kazamp has been in the habit of babying Randall just a bit, and that's mostly because of a mother who is missing in Randall's life. Mr. Kazamp kind of over does it in that aspect of parenting though, in an attempt to try not to leave anything avoidably out that would deny Randall a full life.


   Gion B. Tahunka is a poet and writer who is infatuated with the arts, life with art, and the art that continuously joins life through and by way of the creatures that produce it, enhance it--if it be so, or just keep it going.  The author has a certificate of preliminary education along with his interest in computers and science related research as well.

   The author has been storytelling since he was a child some decades ago.  But when he did read the accessible author titles at the public library, as during those early years of his and while he was a child, the mystery-titles were always his favorite.  Though, he would have to discretely move closer but not completely over into the adult section to satisfy that urge.  As even back then--decades ago, adult books could not be checked out by children.  But he did manage to find some mystery novels, there at the public library, that were close, but not quite adult--and as those which could be checked out by anyone his age as well.  Ever forward though, the librarian was always watching, and he always wanted to avoid having to make acknowledgment of that supervision, in answering that he wasn't taking those steps of his clear over into the adult section.  As that's why he was always so discreet on his paths toward no clarifications having to be made--but as his silent reward instead.  Though space, and those regularly scheduled frontiers, had regularly come to shed tears by him.  But the author hasn't been situated to afford any entertainment such as that, any given moment, in recent times.  Because the author now has a space oriented science fiction book of his own to realistically cry about, and independently at that.  Now that's science fiction.

   Author written is Yardrof, and some parts of it might be surmised as being in a writing style that perhaps was rediscovered after being towed out from under an old forgotten world, but then promoted out-front of a narrator that braves in the likeness of an unlikely humorous guide while guiding the reader through this rather dark tale--and while being a caretaker of a lantern, and to extensions at times during its poetic sway that also had flickered while being the negotiator on read paths.  Yardrof is a bit dark in nature, and even spiritual in the sense of right and wrong--though self-direction was not written all the way down to null in the outcome text.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Bonanza - Award Winning novel "Predation" by author SJ Parkinson - Free Download

Dear friends visiting blog Wonderworld,

Blog Wonderworld wishes everybody a happy, joyous, blessed and a most prosperous new year!

On the eve of the beginning of this new year, blog Wonderworld presents you with a special spotlight of an exceptional award winning science fiction novel that will be available for a FREE DOWNLOAD for everyone from Amazon stores from Jan 3- Jan 5, 2013. 

This novel has received 25 diverse reviews so far, of which 13x5 stars, 6x4stars. A fast paced "edge of the seat" read with thrills and action throughout the novel.
FREE DOWNLOAD Amazon book page link-Click here

Author S J Parkinson
                                                                                Predation - Amazon book page

Today's Spotlight is on Author S J PARKINSON and his Award Winning Science Fiction Novel PREDATION

From the Author's Desk : Predation is a fast paced sci-fi action thriller that has captured imaginations world-wide. It will be free on Amazon January 3 - 5, 2013 through KDP Select and I invite you to download a free copy

Awards:  Predation is the first science fiction novel to be unanimously voted "Outstanding in Genre" by Red Adept Select

Twitter: @SJ_Parkinson

Book name: Predation
Genre: Science Fiction,Thriller, Action
ISBN: (Kindle) - 978-0-9857899-3-0  (Paperback) - 978-0-9857899-5-4 
Amazon Link: Free Download on Jan 3-Jan 5, 2013 -

Synopsis: Two hundred years in the future, human beings have traveled to the stars, settled colonies on fifty worlds, and finally discovered intelligent life: the Drakk'Har—large, cold-blooded reptilian creatures who see human beings not as equals, but as food. War was unavoidable. Ill-prepared for the sudden and vicious conflict, humanity finds itself on the losing side.

After three years of retreating from the onslaught to gain time, humanity has dug in its heels, built up their forces, and begun to fight back. When intelligence identifies the distant Mindon star system as a source of Drakk’Har warships, a major engagement begins. Star Command Fleet Nine strikes the first blow in a new offensive campaign.

During combat operations on Mindon-2, the plan goes horribly wrong. Casualties mount on both sides. The men and women on the raid find themselves in a merciless crucible that threatens to change them forever. The Drakk'Har know victory can only come by overwhelming the humans with savage brutality.
Predation – Sample excerpt
Staff Sergeant Julio Mendez of the 121st Special Forces Detachment lay in his hillside listening post in total silence. His CKP-12 automatic rifle lay cradled on the narrow berm of earth before him. The CKP-12 was standard issue to all Special Forces troops. The rifle was designed to operate in all environments, including total vacuum and even underwater to a limited degree. Mendez thought about that as he lay there. From the amount of rain that had fallen, the weapon may as well have been underwater. The falling moisture had been continuous for three days and had varied from drizzle to downpour in unpredictable swings. 
Mendez ignored the cold dampness that was his constant companion. The shallow camouflaged position he occupied had been constructed six days previously by his section. Since then, it had been manned continuously. Three listening posts surrounded a Special Forces base camp sited in a minor depression on top of a densely overgrown hill. The hill was designated as number 237—its height in meters. 
Hill 237 overlooked two strategic river junctions, one to the northeast, and the other to the west. Mendez could see neither of those junctions from his location. However, his position was the most important of the three. A crude, sprawling town lay two kilometers away across a narrow river bordered by dense swamp on both sides. The town itself was half in the swamp, resulting in algae-infested water being present throughout many of the streets. This didn’t seem to upset the occupants, who moved through the water with ease. 
The homes of the town occupants looked like hollowed-out trees. They were stubby, without leaves, and covered by thick lichen and fungus. All of the structures appeared identical in shape, but each was a slightly different size. Mendez estimated the town population to be approximately eight thousand.
A short distance beyond the town lay a sprawling complex of one-story structures. They were arranged around several hundred immense constructions of various sizes. Details were impossible to discern, as the constructs were liberally covered with a thick, fuzzy, green and brown growth. Mendez used the word “constructions” because he was sure that they were not natural. Yet, he had never seen any of the complexes' workers add anything to them. 
Several tunnel entrances lay at the edge of the town. They appeared to head under several of the largest constructions. Mendez had seen many creatures from the town report to these tunnels on a regular schedule. He deduced over time that the occupants worked beneath them on regular shifts.
The complex and surrounding area had been the focus of his special forces team for almost a week. They were ordered to observe and make note of any patrols, construction facilities, defenses, or unusual activity in this area, along with any traffic on the river below.
Mendez’s view of the town improved as the rain finally stopped. With the most subtle of movements, the soldier slowly placed the town in the center of his rifle scope and selected full magnification. Few town occupants were visible, as their green color matched the surrounding foliage perfectly. Earth scientists classified the creatures as reptilian. Few live specimens had been collected because of their ferocity. Mendez had been told they called themselves Drakk'Har. 
After three years of fighting them, the humans had built up basic knowledge about their history. An adaptive and cunning race, the Drakk'Har were capable of interstellar travel. Over seven hundred years, the Drakk'Har had conquered seventy-three worlds. The inhabitants of the conquered worlds were placed in one of two categories—for consumption or eradication. Those marked for consumption were shipped back to Drakk'Har colonies. They selected the healthiest of each species for breeding purposes to ensure future food stock. Any determined to be unsuitable for breeding were exterminated. Drakk'Har were cold-blooded, both physically and emotionally.   
Mendez watched one of the Drakk'Har as it left its home and moved toward one of the tunnel entrances near the complex. The creature walked on its thick hind legs, propelling itself in a slow, upright waddle. Mendez knew that the slow walk was deceptive. On all fours, an adult could sprint up to thirty kilometers an hour for very short distances. They were all excellent swimmers and spent a good portion of their time in water. Although they were air breathers, they could remain under water for periods of up to half an hour. More precisely, thirty minutes was the longest anyone had ever observed them underwater. No one really knew the creatures’ limits.  
His observations were interrupted when the tactical contact lens he wore in his right eye flashed red three times. Something had just crushed several nanosensors that had been spread on the adjacent trails. He knew that “something” weighed more than twenty kilos, as that was the minimum weight required to set them off. A loud rustling sound to his left confirmed that, and he focused his attention on that area. Only his eyes moved. The noise was too regular and consistent; something large was moving through the thick vegetation. Then he heard a branch snap. Mendez knew it could not be his troops making the noise. His people would approach only from the rear after tugging twice on a piece of staked commo wire to announce their presence. Moving nothing but his jaw, Mendez keyed the COMM switch between his teeth twice. He paused and then keyed it five more times. The signal traveled down the commo wire toward the camp behind him.