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Spotlight : The Plot to Save Socrates ( Sierra Waters Book 1) by multi award winning author Paul Levinson

A big hello and welcome to all readers! Today Literary Flairs is immensely excited to feature Dr. Paul Levinson, who is a multi award winning author of popular science fiction and non fiction novels and a well known reviewer in addition to being a renowned Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University in NYC. Dr. Levinson'sacclaimednovel titled The Plot to Save Socrates is the first of a trilogy (a gripping time travel and historical fiction genre) of the mysterious and action packed Sierra Waters series. We'll learn more about Dr. Levinson and his multiple accomplishments in the fascinating world of storytelling and creative writing in today's special spotlight.

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About the author : Paul Levinson, PhD, is Professor of Communication & M…

Spotlight : The Forbidden Path (the Spirit Path Book 3 ) by best selling author Tammy Tate

Dear friends, today Literary Flairs brings you an interesting romantic saga in the latest new release from the  famous time travel romantic Spirit Path series titled The Forbidden Path. This book is the 3rd of the Spirit Path series written by the best selling author and master storyteller Tammy Tate. We'll know more about the author and her books in today's special spotlight.

From the author's desk- The Spirit Path : A time travel, romance series about two people that risk everything to be together. A modern day girl learns to stay alive in 1812 in a hostile Indian environment. The Sioux warrior returns with her to adapt to the twentieth century with present day conveniences and laws. One thing is inevitable. Ill-tempered men are always willing to break the rules for their own personal gain. In both worlds, survival becomes the ultimate goal. Everything else becomes secondary.
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Book Spotlight - Women with Wanderlust : A Guide to Roaming by author Melissa D. Jones

Dear friends, today Literary Flairs would like to spotlight an inspirational and motivational travel genre titled Women with Wanderlust : A Guide to Roaming written by the multitalented author and creative entrepreneur Melissa D. Jones. Do you love traveling, collecting "moments" and would like to get information and tips on solo and budget traveling to various places? Then this is the book for you! The author is passionate about traveling to new destinations (she's been to 40 countries so far!) and has chronicled her adventures and true travel experiences in this very engaging book. Let us know more about Melissa and her travel book in today's special spotlight.

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About the author : Melissa D. Jones is a designer, marketer, artist, traveler, photographer, foodie and creative entrepreneur. She runs her own business, extracting insp…

Book Spotlight : The Witches of Panay (YA Fantasy) by author Malika Gandhi

Hello friends! Literary Flairs presents yet another interesting, highly imaginative and a magical fantasy novel with a free chapter excerpt for you to read. The book titled The Witches of Panay is an upcoming new release (slated for May end), and is also the first of its series. It is written by the very talented author and illustrator Malika Gandhi. We'll learn more about her and the book in today's special feature.

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From the author's desk : Malika Gandhi (known as Fayr Willow for her The Witches of Panay series) was born in India, Bombay, but was brought up in London. She is married with two boys, and works as an author in her spare time, whilst working full time elsewhere. Malika Gandhi has written three books to date under her own name, all have been published on Amazon.
Book Spotlight - The Witches of Panay

Book : The Witches of Panay

Author : Malika Gandhi