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Genre : Photography- Poetry, Travel, Inspirational, Life.
Author : Payal Roy
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Reviews : Multiple 4-5stars
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Blurb : This Ebook which holds a collection of 41 poems and an article on life , nature and friendship takes the readers on a roller coaster journey exploring the various emotions of the mind and the heart. This Ebook engages the reader in pursuits of fantasy, love, friendship and insights on life and its dynamism through lucid words of simple yet deeply touching poetry.
If you love travelling to a variety of locations across the world and have an…

Book Spotlight : Rakesh's Story (Scattered Ashes Book 1) by author Malika Gandhi

Dear readers,

Today blog Wonderworld is most privileged to present you a very special spotlight about a unique, intriguing, action packed historical fiction novel titled RAKESH'S STORY- Book One of the Scattered Ashes (Epic Saga) written by the exceptionally talented author Malika Gandhi

Author Malika Gandhi is also a book reviewer. To request a review contact her at :

What's this Ebook about? 
In the words of the author - This intriguing , thrilling and action packed novel is about a Freedom Fighter's wish to see his country free, a son and a brother's wish for justice.
In this post you will come to know about chapter excerpts from this book, its purchase and review links and about author Malika Gandhi.

Ebook : RAKESH'S STORY (Scattered Ashes Book 1)
Genre : Historical Fiction, Action, Thriller
Author : Malika Gandhi
Publication Date : Just published - Jan 10, 2013
Purchase Links : US Amazon -…

Special Spotlight : Yardrof by author Gion B. Tahunka

Dear readers,

Today blog Wonderworld is most privileged to present an intriguing and coming of age science fiction novel titled YARDROF written by the exceptionally talented author Gion B. Tahunka.Please enjoy your visit through this spotlight that will highlight the synopsis and chapter excerpts of YARDROF, its purchase links and the author's bio.


Title: Yardrof
Genre : Science Fiction, Young Adult, Adventure 

Author: Gion B. Tahunka
Purchase Links : YARDROF at Amazon Kindle Stores
YARDROF at Barnes and Noble Nook Stores
YARDROF at Google Play Bookstore

ISBN: 9781456606305

Word count: (rounded) 51,000

Format: EBook (digital); ePUB, MOBI
The author has made available a partial sum of his book Yardrof, in allowing readers to get a glimpse of his science fiction work.  As his providing he has produced a free to share and download version of his eBook Yardrof. 

If preferred, do read the free version of Yardrof.  As it is free to download. YARDROF_Chapter-One_FREE can …

New Year Bonanza - Award Winning novel "Predation" by author SJ Parkinson - Free Download

Dear friends visiting blog Wonderworld,

Blog Wonderworld wishes everybody a happy, joyous, blessed and a most prosperous new year!

On the eve of the beginning of this new year, blog Wonderworld presents you with a special spotlight of an exceptional award winning science fiction novel that will be available for a FREE DOWNLOAD for everyone from Amazon stores from Jan 3- Jan 5, 2013. 

This novel has received 25 diverse reviews so far, of which 13x5 stars, 6x4stars. A fast paced "edge of the seat" read with thrills and action throughout the novel.

FREE DOWNLOAD Amazon book page link-Click here

Author S J Parkinson
Predation - Amazon book page

Today's Spotlight is on Author S J PARKINSON and his Award Winning Science Fiction Novel PREDATION. 

From the Author's Desk :Predation is a fast paced sci-fi action thriller that has captured imaginations world-wide. It will be free on Amazon January 3 - 5, 2013 through KDP Select and I invite you to download a free copy

Awards:Predation …