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 ** Submissions Closed**

Dear Authors and Publishers,
If you are viewing this page, you are also requested to view the Submissions page. Literary Flairs offers to spread the word about your book across multiple social media portals. This blog promotes and showcases books from 22 different genres not only here but also through several social networks.

Literary Flairs has launched one of its most awaited features that has been a favorite with many authors --

SIDE BANNER DISPLAY :  Literary Flairs would like to highlight your book(s) that 

--you have just released

-- you plan to run a free promotion. In case of Free Promotion of your book at Amazon or other book stores, please send us the details at least 5 days before the freebie runs.

For side displays, size of the book cover should be approx 300x350 with an embedded link of the online bookstore. If you have any ongoing special offers, you could send a line or two about them to be included under the displayed cover image.

In order to place your book at the side display, here is what you have to do : 

Send the required information to Literary Flairs email : with subject : "Request for Side Display of Freebies"

Side Display Offers : 

Size of the displays will be approx 300x350 pixels. The displays for your books with your book link will be shared through multiple tweets and other social networks.

1. One - Two days Free Promotion
2. Three-Five days Free Promotion

on Amazon and other Ebook stores

For the Side Display banners, please send the following details to Literary Flairs at

-- Your book cover in JPEG/JPG : size approx 300x350

-- 20 word composition of an attractive blurb of your book (also no. of reviews, ratings if any)

-- Direct link to the online bookstore where your book is available for purchase.

Please note : Literary Flairs will not accept book cover images that seem offensive, controversial, insulting, abusive or act as a hate message to any individual, culture or race of people.

Literary Flairs accepts Side Display for books of the following genres:

Romance (No Erotica)
Thrillers, Mysteries

Fantasy, Historical Fantasy
Poetry Collections (without controversial, religion based - pro or anti)
Young Adult, Coming of Age 
Children's Books 
Educational and Study Books
Inspirational and Motivational
Short Stories

Comedy, Humor
Non Fiction (without politics and controversy) 
Contemporary Fiction
Science Fiction
Literary Fiction and Classic Literature

Memoirs and Biography
Historical Fiction


Submissions are not accepted in the following Ebook genres :

Non-fiction on politics and other controversial topics
Excessive violence (Abuse/Domestic violence/too much gore) and explicit novels
Political fiction 
Religion based fiction or beliefs (pro-anti)
New Age

Authors, if you have any query about side displays for your books, please feel free to email at

Literary Flairs welcomes you to its vibrant blog of promoting and showcasing creative works of all authors from across the globe.

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